AQUARIUS Impact Awards.

Happy 2015 World Water Day! To celebrate World Water Day this year, Aquatic Informatics launched the inaugural 2015 AQUARIUS Impact Awards. What better day to celebrate the outstanding work our customers do every day in managing and protecting the world’s most precious resources - water! This year on World Water Day the focus is "Water & Sustainable Development." We all know that our global water cycle...

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Eric Dorgelo receiving award.

Aquatic Informatics recently won the EBJ Business Achievement Award for Information Technology.

Besides enjoying the warm weather last week in San Diego at the Environmental Industry Summit XIII, I had the great honour of accepting an EBJ Business Achievement Award for Information Technology. The award recognized Aquatic Informatics for our rapid growth in 2014 and our outstanding technology innovation, including the launch of two new products last year AQUARIUS Forecast and AQUARIUS WebPortal.

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Angel and devil.

Tad Slawecki, Senior Engineer at Limnotech, provided a very interesting and entertaining 'lightning talk' at the Open Water Data Initiative session of the AWRA 2014 conference. Against a backdrop of increasing momentum toward 'big data,' which is often conceived as primarily 'virtual' data derived from distributed models, Tad argues that we need to restore our faith in 'virtuous' data. vir·tu·ous /ˈvərCHo͞oəs/. Having or showing high moral...

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Burglar sneaking into a room.

I had the great pleasure of re-connecting with colleagues at the NASH symposia at the AWRA 2014 national conference. There were three well-attended NASH sessions and a panel discussion that were all great starting points for conversations.

One such conversation about discharge measurement uncertainty with Tim Cohn resulted in the statement that is the title of this post. We were discussing the reasons for study into the problem of quantification of discharge measurement uncertainty.

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The Hoover Dam.

The opening plenary at the AWRA 2014 conference by Kathryn Sullivan explained the emerging role for Environmental Intelligence for handling the need to respond to the increasingly fickle nature of water availability and quality. Dr. Sullivan used several recent examples of unprecedented extreme events to make the point that the world’s attention is focused on the nexus of water security, food security and energy security.

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Plastic bottle floating on a brown river.

In the modern world, it is rude and inconsiderate to indiscriminately consume resources for one time use. It is not socially acceptable to litter the landscape with trash. It may have taken years of public education for the message to take hold, but the outcome is less pressure on our environment and a higher quality of life for everyone. Why is there a different ethic for hydrometric...

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Birds-eye view of flood in Queensland, Australia.

When facing imminent flood dangers, time is of the essence. However, getting the right information to the right people in real-time can be challenging. No one knows this more than the City of Brisbane. Located on the east coast of Australia, Brisbane is a world-class city, enjoyed for its subtropical climate. However, that same climate contributes to various forms of flooding, including from storm surge,...

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Ripples in water from a water drop.

Those who work closely with data recognize the value of incremental investment in data quality; however, there is despair that this value can be quantized in terms that are meaningful to the bean-counters who control and allocate funding for monitoring programs. The discussion prompted by 'Economics of Data Quality' remind me of aspects of the novel 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' by Robert...

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