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Inefficient workflows increase costs and endanger the public.

Monitoring and managing water and wastewater systems with outdated processes and poor data accuracy can compound problems. Delivering safe drinking water means proactively maintaining infrastructure, managing compliance, and navigating changing regulations— often with shrinking budgets and an increasing turnover.
Reative Maintenance Processes
Reactive maintenance processes

Finding issues after they appear leads to longer resolution times and bigger costs—more than if it was identified sooner. If problems aren’t solved quickly, bigger damages and liabilities can occur.

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Risk and accountability

Maintaining safety is difficult when the right information can’t be found at the right time. Whether for reporting or regular workflows, utility employees need to trust their data, and how it’s managed.

Time Consuming Workflows
Time-consuming workflows

Paper records, spreadsheets, and manual processes slow operations, making it challenging to maintain customer satisfaction and a healthy water system. Without optimization, the impacts will compound.

Image Utilities Streamlined Workflows To Empower Protection

Efficient workflows to empower protection

Maintaining a healthy water system requires diligent field work and processes to ensure you catch problems faster to preserve the public’s safety. By using digital solutions to capture information and validate data, you can leverage automation to speed up tasks and reduce errors to lower overall operating expenses.
Digitize data entry to optimize operations

Electronic data capture makes information available right away. Removing paper records and duplicate entry, using customizable forms can validate information before being submitted to reduce errors and ensure accuracy before syncing to the database. 

Streamline workflows

Real-time data equips time-saving automated functions for proactive response and faster processes. Custom calculations, scheduling, exceedance alerts, and more automatic actions reduce manual tasks to keep you focused on putting your community first.

Flexible and scalable

Adaptable solutions for networks or programs of any size can integrate with your existing monitoring hardware—helping you realize additional value. By connecting to any data source, the software can scale as your needs increase in size and complexity.

Since deploying the FOG management software we have been able to increase the number of our inspections by 316% over 4 years. The new program has improved work processes, like route planning and reduced admin time by bringing everything online, so we are able to visit more sites which is a good thing for Seattle’s sewer system

Customer Quote Image Seattle Public Utilities
Gary Christiansen, Program Supervisor, Wastewater Source Control Program, Seattle Public Utilities

Build a better future with better water data.

Water and wastewater monitoring agencies trust Aquatic Informatics to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in real-time. See the power first-hand by speaking with an expert.
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Image Utilities Centralized Management For Better Decision Making

Centralized Management for Better Decision-Making

Tightly unify datas from any source to preserve quality, correct variations, perform forecasting, and layer information for contextual insights. By integrating systems into a single-source-of-truth, data is given more context and applicability for greater impact.
Robust Integrations to Connect Systems & Sources

One secure platform to easily visualize, scan, and manage data from different data sources with best-in-class computational calculations, automated error detection, and intuitive tools that enable accuracy and effortless management.

Defensible Data to Ensure Compliance

Ensure data hygiene by relying on automatic time-stamping and custom validation rules to reduce transcription errors and improve data quality. Catch small problems before they escalate and create regulatory consistency to set your program apart.

Online Solutions for Efficient Field Work

With easy-to-use online solutions, teams in the field can work remotely from any mobile device, letting your team spend less time in the office and more time in the field. With purpose-built collection forms and immediate syncing, data becomes more accurate and timely for better decision-making.

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Case Study

Riverside Public Utilities

Using technology to address big challenges like ageing infrastructure, climate change, and new government regulations.
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