Fats, Oils & Grease

Transform your FOG data from burden and risk to actionable insights that continually improve the daily operations of your inspection and compliance experts.
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There’s no choice; you have to keep the grease out.

Not doing so could lead to damage to property and expensive remediation efforts. But with aging pipe networks and shrinking budgets, FOG programs are often stuck in a reactive state.
Icon Compliance Collaboration
Compliance requires collaboration

The best way to handle FOG is to reduce or prevent it from entering your sewer system, but that requires regular field time to foster cooperative relationships with FSEs.

Icon SSOs Costly Time Confusing
SSOs are costly and time-consuming

Preventable Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) in your system can cause expensive damage to property and infrastructure, with potential health risks for the public.

Icon Keeping Restaurants
Keeping on top of new restaurants

As businesses are opened or re-open, your collection of regulated FSEs is in a near-constant state of change, making it tough to stay accurate and up-to-date.

Image Confident Compliance Enforcement Management

Confident Compliance & Enforcement Management

Keep a finger on the pulse of your program with on-demand facility and compliance data always just a few clicks away, from a single facility to your entire program.
Information at Your Fingertips

Quickly see the facility lifecycle—from pump-out to compliance—to understand compliance history at-a-glance, in-depth, or as an exported report.

Unparalleled Program-Wide Visibility

A centralized view of all compliance data, inspection results, FSE details, and more. No more compliance risks or inspection blindspots lurking out of site.

The streamlining of field data collection has not only saved time to get me in the field more often, but this data can now be used to automate a host of tasks including inspection and pump out scheduling, issuing permit renewals, keeping us up to date with regulatory changes, and violation notices.

City of Marlborough
Mathew Santella, General Foreman, Water & Sewer Division, City of Marlborough

Unclog your FOG program

Discover a better way to manage FOG data and keep your team focused on what matters most—protecting your community.
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Image Improved Data Accessibility And Field Efficiency

Improved Data Accessibility & Field Efficiency

Your data is the lifeblood of your program. By putting it in the hands of your team and connecting it with other systems, our software unlocks its full potential.
Expand Your Data’s Potential

Robust APIs enable integration with GIS, CIS, and billing systems to equip operations and maintenance departments with critical FOG data in real-time.

Connected Field Operations

Speed up field work with secure remote access to all facility information and pre-built, intelligent custom inspection forms for less data entry and more efficient site visits.

Case Study Seattle
Case Study

Seattle Public Utilities

Learn how the City of Seattle has continued to innovate and improve their FOG program for nearly two decades—most recently taking it to the cloud.
restaurants and FSEs
increase in inspections
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Put grease in its place by working smart, not hard.

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