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Use real-time monitoring and data-driven insights to offer competitive services and ensure client success.
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When it comes to your clients data, there’s no room for error.

Collecting, monitoring, and visualizing large, disjointed volumes of data of varying quality without a sound strategy makes it difficult to help your customers stay resilient.
Icon Data Inconsistencies
Data Inconsistencies

Data that ranges in type and origin can require significant time investments and manual effort to consolidate, validate, and normalize for meaningful analysis.

Icon Potential Damages
Potential Damages

Protecting clients from liability or fines means maintaining raw and corrected data for defensible reporting and protection incase of audit.

Icon Untimely Insights
Untimely Insights

Managing data across multiple paper records and spreadsheets slows operational efficiency, increases response time, and reduces decision-making effectiveness.

Image Centralize Water Data Management Analysis

Centralize Water Data Management & Analysis

Integrate disparate data to be automatically normalized for correction, analysis, and informed action to proactively maintain client compliance.
Access any data source in real-time

Extend the value of existing investments in hardware or systems by connecting them into a single source of truth to transform any type of data into contextual intelligence.

Perform complex analysis—quickly

Improve efficiency with a scalable platform that offers powerful data review tools, calculation engines, custom compliance parameters, and visualization that turns data into stories.

Highest quality data possible

Easily visualize, scan, and QA/QC data with automated error detection and intuitive correction abilities that compares historic time-series or discrete data with a defensible audit trail.

With Aquarius we manage our continuous stage records and real-time discharge, so our clients can monitor their watersheds nearly instantaneously. We can deliver high quality, reliable data with greater details for our customers

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Andre Zimmermann, Principal, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

Build a better future with better water data.

Water monitoring agencies worldwide trust Aquatic Informatics to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in real-time. See the power first-hand by speaking with an expert.
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Image Let Your Data Do The Heavy Lifting

Let Your Data Do The Heavy Lifting

Achieve a competitive edge and improve client satisfaction with workflow automation and contextual insights for proactive response that reduces costs and ensures regulatory compliance.
Alerts and actionable intelligence for crisis management

Define unique compliance parameters to easily see location status, display warning insights in graphs and maps, or deliver notifications for proactive response. 

Share real-time insights

Make information available online with user-defined viewing permissions for internal or external stakeholders to self-serve information and increase transparency.

Faster, better decision making

Use powerful charts, public map layers from NOAA, and contextual visualization to forecast and convey technical and non-technical information in real-time for faster decision-making.

Case Study Herrera
Case Study

Herrera Environmental Consultants

Focuses on three practice areas: water, restoration, and sustainable development.
intervals at which environmental data is logged
efficiency gains
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Unlock insights for faster decision-making.

Partner with the world’s only pure-play water management provider to discover new ways of getting information into the right hands, at the right time, with meaningful context.
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