National & Federal Agencies

Integrate your entire monitoring network for centralized correction, analysis, and sharing.
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Trusted by hundreds of cities and agencies

Laborious collection & analysis leaves data unused.

While national and federal agencies collect vast amounts of the world's real-time hydrological data, the sheer scale of operations makes it challenging to ensure timeliness, reliability, accuracy, and defensibility.
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Diverse Sensor Networks

Managing multiple types of hardware produces diverse sets of data that require significant time and resources to be cleansed and consolidated for analysis.

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Data Discovery and Quality Assurance

Finding data on paper or in spreadsheets, performing data correction for rating curve development, and evaluating error detection often requires careful manual effort.

Share Timely Information
Sharing Timely Insights

Distributing reliable and impartial insights through ad-hoc data requests and regulatory reports is inefficient and tedious.

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Seamless Management of Water Data

Aquarius ingests data in real-time from any type of monitoring hardware and normalizes its discrete, time-series, or complex gauging data for central analysis.
Access Any Data Source In Real Time

Extend the value of your existing investments, third-party sensors or systems, by normalizing any type of data, to manage, qualify, and analyze centrally.

Achieve Context with Unlimited Details

Give raw data colour by applying location details, notes, tags, qualifiers, or any unique identifier for uniformity, accessibility, and fast discovery with robust filters, graphs, and interactive maps.

Modern integrated solution

Scalable platform with powerful data correction tools, calculation engines, custom compliance parameters, and graphs with combined data sets in a single view.

We are excited to have selected Aquatic Informatics to provide us with a modern water data management system. By updating our system, Aquarius will allow for the integrated and seamless management of water data collection through the data lifecycle. It will improve data accessibility across 14 offices. Rating curve development and maintenance will be enhanced. And, metadata will be centralized with raw and processed data. Aquarius will allow NIWA to determine data quality and accuracy in near real-time, while allowing us to track data corrections and changes.

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Dr. Jochen Schmidt, Chief Scientist, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

Build a better future with better water data.

Water monitoring agencies worldwide trust Aquatic Informatics to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in real-time. See the power first-hand by speaking with an expert.
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Visualize data for efficient analysis & sharing.

Tightly unify any disparate data source to enable quality assurance, correct variations, perform forecasting, and layer information for contextual insights.
Perform Complex Analysis—Quickly

Easily visualize, scan, and QA/QC your data with best-in-class rating curves, automated error detection, and intuitive correction tools that compare historic time-series or discrete data with a defensible audit trail.

Share Real-time Insights

Make information available online with user-defined viewing permissions for internal or external stakeholders to self-serve information and increase accessibility.

Visualize for Faster Decision-Making

Use powerful charts and contextual visualization to forecast and convey technical and non-technical information in real-time for faster decision-making.

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Case Study

Customer Spotlight: USGS

The world’s largest implementation of a commercial off-the-shelf hydrologic system. Ever.
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Unlock insights for faster decision-making.

Partner with the world’s only pure-play water management provider to discover new ways of getting information into the right hands, at the right time, with meaningful context.
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