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Hach WIMS Frequent Questions:
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Water Quality

Hach WIMS Frequent Questions:

Answered by Technical Sales Engineer 

For facilities looking to transition away from excel spreadsheets, pen and paper, and legacy solutions, navigating this process can come with a lot of questions. And that's why we asked Hach WIMS & WIMS Rio Technical Sales Engineer Tyrone Yan to answer some of the most frequent questions that utilities ask in their search for the best solution for optimizing operations.

Staying compliant requires compliance software

Today, you and other industry professionals face a series of challenges as you monitor, treat, and manage water and wastewater in your communities.  

Contaminants and negative trends can emerge quickly and need to be addressed before they get out of hand. Reporting errors can result in steep fines and lead to serious impacts for the health of your community. 

Inefficiencies and expenses can compound as regulations change and become more complex, making it harder to stay ahead and maintain compliance amidst PFAS, lead, and other emerging contaminants. Enhancing our water management systems has never been more critical. 

If you're looking for a solution that's built to integrate with your current systems, automate your workflows, provide historical data, and simplify reporting, look no further:

What is CLAROS Collect, and how does it compare to WIMS Rio?

CLAROS Collect was an older Hach software product for mobile data collection, similar to WIMS Rio, but with fewer features. It is now obsolete.

How customizable is WIMS Rio compared to Claros Collect?

Rio offers more customization options, including spreadsheet layout, report design, sample scheduling, and dashboard widgets. 

What is the difference between spreadsheets in WMS Rio and monthly data forms in WIMS? 

WIMS Rio's spreadsheets aim to mirror WIMS' monthly data forms, ensuring minimal change management for new users. However, WIMS features like immediate graphing of spreadsheet numbers and approval of data are not yet available in Rio. 

Can meters report directly to Hach WIMS instead of manual input?

Yes, WIMS has SCADA integration, allowing meter data to be imported without manual input. 

Do online instruments produce more accurate data than lab bench data?

 Online instruments can provide more real-time and potentially more accurate data, which can be beneficial for decision-making. 

Continue Learning

Check out our resources to learn more, or get in touch with our team.

Does the WIMS platform have copies of NYS DEC and NYS DOH report formats, or do we need to search them out? 

The software offers import functionality, allowing data to be mapped into the required template for these reports. 

Can WIMS be customized to look like lab bench sheets? 

Yes, users can be trained to build bench sheets in WIMS. 

Can Hach WIMS automatically send out reports in email format?

Yes, WIMS has the ability to automatically send reports via email. 

Find Your Partner in Change Management

As drinking water & wastewater facilities progress on their digital transformation journey, one of the main challenges they face is resistance to change.

Technology partners can help organizations guide their change management strategies to ensure the success of any new technology projects. While every water organization is unique, many of the challenges are similar: legacy systems, data silos, lack of resources, etc.

Experienced technology partners like Aquatic Informatics have seen it all before. We can help you achieve streamlined quality control for your environmental data. From source water through to the receiving environment, our interconnected data management platforms can help you drive the efficient management of water information across the water cycle with minimal disruption to your operations.

Get in touch to discuss your water data projects, check out our upcoming product demo, or schedule a personalized demo of our platforms.

Amber Jelly
Amber Jelly

Feb 23 | 2024
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