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Confidently make decisions to allocate resources for a sustainable future.
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Limited water resources leads to competing demand

Safeguarding source water to effectively sustain its availability requires long term strategies based on reliable inventory, proactive protection, and management measures.
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Community growth & complex forecasting

Unprecedented levels of population growth, food security concerns, and socioeconomic development require an advanced calculation engine to get ahead.

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Confidence in current & historic gauging

Analysis is unreliable and ineffective if measurements aren’t available in real-time or corrected while preserving the raw data for reference.

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Different data types & sources

Access to information that originates from different sources and requires normalization to become useful slows operations and increases costs.

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Proactively Understand & Address Resource Availability

Leverage a modern solution to maximize data’s value and focus monitoring efforts with contextual insights to help tackle challenges and improve decision-making.
Best-in-Class Computing Capabilities

Build sophisticated models of complex water resource systems in an interactive graphical environment using a rich set of building blocks and analytical functions for advanced environmental modelling, delivering higher accuracy, speed, and a decisive edge. 

Customize, Test, & Refine Your Models

Create complex models with confidence with a flexible SupaScrip scripting language to fully customize simulations, refine your model logic, and test alternative scenarios to support better decisions that optimize the use of limited water resources.

With over 400 gaging sites collecting data in all corners of Wyoming, the time savings in records reduction have been well worth the investment. Field staff must reduce the collected data to publishable form and by employing the Aquarius software, we have realized about a 50% time savings across the board, freeing up valuable, limited staff time for other important work.

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Loren Smith, Wyoming State Engineer’s Office

Leverage the same methodologies as the USGS & Water Survey Canada

Extend the value of data with powerful tools that enhance water resource management.
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Trust Your Data, Share Your Insights

Communicate measurements, calculations, and learnings easily and transparently by making them accessible and actionable to the right people when it matters most.
Centralize Any Data Source for Real-Time Insights

Integrate all your environmental data and monitoring network locations to transform data into information for meaningful analysis, optimized operations, and sharing critical insights with the right people at the right time.

Visualization for Faster Decision-Making

Powerful charts, visualization, and mapping with out-of-the-box industry-statistics to forecast and convey technical and non-technical information to internal and external stakeholders.

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Case Study

Wyoming State

Learn how Wyoming State Engineer's Office uses Aquarius to improve data accuracy and accessibility state-wide
monitoring stations
efficiency gain
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Aquatic Informatics empowers the water industry across all applications, to make data driven, smart decisions, and do more with less.

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