Rio Product Water Quality Wastewater Compliance

Easily manage your water compliance & operations.

Rio™ is a cloud-based software solution designed to centralize daily workflows for drinking water and wastewater utilities of any size.
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Central & Secure Database

Break down data silos by integrating lab, process, field, and other data sources to improve cross-organizational visibility and decision-making.

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Empower Field Work

Leverage the Rio mobile app on its own or with WIMS for remote data collection, data validation to reduce errors, and access to information for more efficient field operations.

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Maintain Compliance

Track critical metrics, visualize trends, produce regulatory reports (NetDMR, MORs, etc), and use customizable alerts to proactively address problems.

The charts and graphs are easy-to-use and make it possible to communicate important data quickly to management, resulting in better understanding of our operations and improved decision-making.

Village Of Penn Yan
Yvonne E. Tucker, Chief WWTP Operator, Village of Penn Yan
Rio Upgrade From Pen And Spreadsheets@2x

Upgrade from Pen, Paper, & Spreadsheets

Unlock more from your data by automatically syncing from multiple sources into a single source of truth does for complete visibility.
Affordable & Secure

Access all your information online anytime from any device, including historical records with defensible audit trails.

Integrate Data Sources

Streamline workflows and reduce manual errors by integrating data sources like SCADA, LIMS, process, field, and more.

Rio Visualization For Proactive Compliance@2x

Visualization for Proactive Compliance

Easy-to-use dashboards, charting, and graphing enable you to quickly gain insights and identify trends.
Create Reports in a Couple of Clicks

Build compliance reports with user-defined parameters to automatically generate graphs across the organization.

Generate Charts in Under 60 Seconds

Ad-hoc charting lets you produce sophisticated visuals in under 60 seconds to discover new perspectives and reduce risk.

Centralize water & wastewater compliance.

Discover efficient, proactive monitoring by reviewing and analyzing data faster for defensible compliance and more informed decision-making to put your community first
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And with Aquatic Informatics, itʼs not just software…

There are more benefits you’ll realize by partnering with Aquatic Informatics
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Customer Support & Resources

Connect with a support specialist whenever you need assistance, or access a growing library of on-demand videos, tutorials, and guides 24/7 in the knowledge base to discover learnings at your convenience.

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Continuous Development & Innovation

Regular software updates and enhancements to ensure the evolving needs or your organization are being met. Help shape the future of our software by submitting ideas and requests in our online community.

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Dedication to Social Responsibility

Using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, we’re committed to the highest standards of sustainable practices, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

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Case Study

Penn Yan Plant Automates Workflows & Achieves Proactive Maintenance

Penn Yan chose Rio to centralize the plant's data to improve operational efficiency, reduce manual tasks, streamline reporting, and intercept risks early.

time-savings on NetDMR reports

more efficient operations

The plant has reported saving an average 2.5 hours every week wasted manually collecting, analyzing, and reporting their operations data.


Eliminating data silos across the water cycle.

Aquatic Informatics empowers the water industry across all applications, to make data driven, smart decisions, and do more with less.

Watertrax Form Discover Efficient, Proactive Water Quality And Wastewater Compliance

Unify Your Compliance & Operations

Discover how Rio can connect your data from lab, process, and field into one secure location to increase efficiency and reduce liability.