Timely, Accurate, Centralized Water Data for Your Industry.

Aquatic Informatics is preferred globally by hundreds of government agencies, utilities, hydropower operators, mining companies, academic groups, and consulting and engineering firms.

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Only 2% of the world’s water is fit for human consumption. Critical for human survival, safe water is required for drinking, sanitation, agriculture, hydropower, mining, infrastructure, and industry. The growing population is increasing demand for safe water, yet pollution is reducing its availability. Global warming is causing more extreme floods and droughts. Economic, regulatory, social, and environmental pressures are mounting. Aquatic Informatics delivers centralized, timely, accurate water information required to solve today’s complex water challenges. Discover how Aquatic Informatics is used in your industry to support faster analysis and better decisions.

National & Federal Agencies

The world’s preeminent water monitoring authorities trust Aquatic Informatics to store, manage, correct, derive, and disseminate water data of the highest quality, consistency, and timeliness.

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State & Local Government

Local, municipal, regional, and state agencies manage their water data with Aquatic Informatics to support the transparent, equitable, and sustainable use of precious water resources as well as meet regulatory compliance.

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Water quality and regulatory compliance requirements are mounting for utilities and municipalities. Streamline your regulatory compliance practices, using electronic reporting, and improve data integrity.

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Consulting & Engineering

Real-time data management, change auditing, powerful analytics, and reporting enable consulting firms to streamline services to help their clients meet regulatory, operational, and environmental goals.

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Centralized water data management, production, auditing, and powerful analytics help optimize hydropower generation while ensuring operators meet legislated instream flow requirements and regulatory compliance.

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Centralized water data management, auditing, powerful analytics, and reporting help streamline water regulatory compliance and support cost-effective optimal production.

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