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Aquatic Informatics offers solutions for Industries, Utilities, Governments, and Agencies looking to address critical water data management, analytics, and compliance challenges for the global water industry. To achieve this, we offer products for operations, compliance, wastewater, pretreatment, water quality, water availability and rights, stormwater, groundwater, surface water, asset management, cross-connection control, and fats, oils, and grease program management.

Aquatic Informatics was acquired by Veralto™ Corporation and joined the Veralto Water Quality Segment to help municipal, environmental and industrial customers address the most critical challenges faced in the water sector today.

The Water Quality Segment includes leading water technology companies as Hach, ChemTreat, OTT HyrdoMet, Trojan Technologies, Pall Water and Sea-Bird Scientific. By leveraging water quality application expertise, the operating companies in the Water Quality Segment deliver an unparalleled combination of hardware, software and service across water analytics, chemicals, and treatment workflows.

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