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Municipal, regional, and state agencies manage their water data with Aquatic Informatics to support the transparent, equitable, and sustainable use of our precious water resources.
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Trusted by hundreds of cities and agencies

Accurate, timely water data is critical to administering water rights.

Getting the right information at the right time is critical, but doing so can be a challenge for many agencies today.
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Data Access & Management

Enormous amounts of water data received on a day-to-day basis can be extremely cumbersome to access, manage, and analyze across all departments.

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Defensible & Accurate Information

Not only does your water information need to be accessible, it must be provably accurate and defensible so you can share it with confidence.

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Compliance Challenges

Manual processes and outdated methods make it difficult to produce timely, accurate data in formats that meet compliance standards.

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Integrated Water Management

Improve your data management strategies and automate workflows to efficiently produce water data of the highest standards.
Centralized insights to facilitate easier data management

A consolidated, streamlined system allows for coordinated efforts and enables contextual analysis that would be impossible with siloed data sources.

Track changes to data

Manage growing volumes of real-time water quality & flow data, and automatically track changes to data & models, complete with audit trails.

Share information with ease

Effortlessly upload sample results and save time with electronic reporting templates for generating and submitting reports.

As our urban water resource data management platform, Aquatic Informatics is enabling the City of Bellingham to efficiently produce water data of the highest standards. With Aquarius, water data management activities are completed much more efficiently. I’m not only saving time, but I can also ensure that I provide end users with the highest quality data. I’m better able to meet their needs for timely, accurate information

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Michelle Evans, Water Quality Specialist, City of Bellingham

Build a better future with better water data.

Water monitoring agencies of all sizes trust Aquatic Informatics to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in real-time. See the power first-hand by speaking with an expert.
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Image Streamlined Regulatory Compliance

Streamlined regulatory compliance

Improve data access, reporting, and trend analysis for early identification of emerging issues within your water system.
Defensible, accurate information for end users

Ensure timely, defensible and accurate information for end users, no matter the use case.

Eliminate data errors

Reduce data entry errors and the need for manual data entry with automated processes such as data verification and validation.

Purpose-built functionality

Whether answering to federal regulators or enforcing ordinance in your city, Aquatic Informatics offers a range of features and integrations to streamline your workflows.

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Case Study

City of Orlando

Maintains and improves drainage facilities to prevent flooding and ensure all receiving water bodies meet state and federal water quality standards.
real-time gauging sites
2 million
citizens kept safe from flooding
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Unlock insights for faster decision-making.

Partner with the world’s only pure-play water management provider to discover new ways of getting information into the right hands, at the right time, with meaningful context.
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