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Hach WIMS Frequent Questions:
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Hach WIMS Frequent Questions:

Answered by WIMS Product Manager 

For facilities looking to transition away from excel spreadsheets, pen and paper, and legacy solutions, navigating this process can come with a lot of questions. And that's why we asked Hach WIMS & Rio Product Manager Kevin Koshko to answer some of the most frequent questions that utilities ask in their search for the best solution for optimizing operations.

With Hach WIMS, you can seamlessly integrate the collection, aggregation tracking, and dissemination of data. WIMS allows automatic imports of Process, SCADA, LIMS, manual data, Rio Mobile data collection, and more to optimize plant operations and prevent fines.

Intelligent alerts and modeling tools help resolve, predict, and prevent disruptions. WIMS will flag problems, so you know exactly what happened and where they occurred to be protected during permit exceedances.

If you're looking for a solution that's built to integrate with your current systems, automate your workflows, provide historical data, and simplify reporting, look no further:

What is the difference between Aquatic Informatics' Hach WIMS and Rio products?

WIMS is a desktop Windows-based application that has been around for about 30 years, offering extensive functionality for data management, reporting, and compliance operations. WIMS Rio, on the other hand, is a newer cloud-based solution designed for casual users, data collection operators, and management personnel who need basic reporting and operational insights.

What cloud provider does Aquatic Informatics use for its solutions including Hach WIMS?

Aquatic Informatics uses Microsoft Azure as its cloud provider. Azure was chosen for its enterprise-grade security, scalability, and compliance controls, such as SOC 2 audits and FedRAMP compliance.

Can Rio pull data from Hach WIMS?

Yes, Rio can pull data from WIMS through the WIMS to Rio Sync feature, allowing variables in both systems to communicate with each other in near real-time, with the ability to control the frequency of synchronization.

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Are there plans to move the Windows version of Hach WIMS to a web-based application and cloud database?

Aquatic Informatics already offers a cloud-enabled, mobile-first, and responsive design solution with its Rio product, while WIMS will continue to be supported as an on-premise toolset for power users who need more functionality.

Can the WIMS Platform be used for industrial sites?

Yes, WIMS Rio allows data collection on mobile devices. Many utilities find that by integrating their data through mobile, field work becomes more efficient, and operators aren't relying on transcribing handwriting or carrying around bulky tablets that can be misplaced or hard to navigate under the glare of the sun. We currently offer Rio Mobile, the option to make field operations easier and more efficient by syncing data directly to Hach WIMS or WIMS Rio via tablet or mobile. With Rio Mobile, remove error-prone and time-intensive tasks like manual reporting and duplicated data entry.

Find Your Partner in Change Management

As drinking water & wastewater facilities progress on their digital transformation journey, one of the main challenges they face is resistance to change.

Technology partners can help organizations guide their change management strategies to ensure the success of any new technology projects. While every water organization is unique, many of the challenges are similar: legacy systems, data silos, lack of resources, etc.

Experienced technology partners like Aquatic Informatics have seen it all before. We can help you achieve streamlined quality control for your environmental data. From source water through to the receiving environment, our interconnected data management platforms can help you drive the efficient management of water information across the water cycle with minimal disruption to your operations.

Get in touch to discuss your water data projects, check out our upcoming product demo, or schedule a personalized demo of our platforms.

Amber Jelly
Amber Jelly

Feb 22 | 2024
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