Environment & Community

As a company, we take pride in more than profits. We are committed to sustainability and to fulfilling our community responsibilities.
We understand that the most important first step to fight global warming is to reduce our carbon footprint through conservation. As individuals, we need to drive less, turn down the thermostat, and buy locally produced goods. But we also take a company-wide approach to a greener environment, by seeking like-minded employees to join our team and making corporate commitments to green programs. We recognize that support of our local community is critical to building a strong company over the long term. As a team we have donated time and money to support various organizations.
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Climate Smart Certified

Aquatic Informatics is a climate smart company. We measure our annual greenhouse gas inventory and work to reduce emissions through strategies aimed at electricity, transportation, and paper consumption. We’re proud to do business while taking action on climate change.

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Shoreline Cleanup

The AI team joins tens of thousands of Canadians take action against shoreline litter by participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Jointly led by the Vancouver Aquarium and WWF, this initiative focuses on educating and empowering people to make a difference through community cleanup events. The Shoreline Cleanup is one of the largest environmental events in Canada and the third largest cleanup in the world.

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