Efficiently manage wastewater sampling and reporting requirements while improving operational efficiency.
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Maintaining efficiency while staying in compliance

Collecting and organizing wastewater data from several different sources and formats is a challenge for many utilities, agencies and industries. To simplify decisions and processes, you need real-time data, accurate records, and streamlined reporting.
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Regulatory reporting demands

With stringent requirements and the risk of non-compliance, there’s no room for error or delays in getting regulators what they need in a timely manner.

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Outdated methods or process

Using paper forms for sampling and Excel for data management puts your team at a disadvantage while trying to stay proactive.

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Consolidating data sources

Receiving data from sampling events, SCADA systems, and laboratory partners makes it challenging to combine and normalize for QA/QC efforts.

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Automate & Streamline Tasks with Consolidated Data

Improve information availability and accuracy by digitizing plant operations and connecting data sources to reduce errors and save resources.
Maintain Defensibility & Protect Against Risk

Safeguard your treatment plant with automatic data validation, custom alerts triggered from changes in water quality, and preservation of historic and corrected data for trend analysis and audits.

Reduce Operating Costs & Extend Infrastructure’s Lifespan

Integrate and centralize program data for efficient task management, sophisticated analysis, and complete system visibility to make faster, more informed decisions.

WaterTrax has allowed us to move towards more qualitative analysis of data because of the quicker access to all data. We spend less time inputting data and running reports and spend more time reviewing the results, looking for anomalies and fine tuning our QA/QC processes.

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Elizabeth Sala, Environmental Quality Specialist, West Basin Municipal Water District

It’s time to put your data to work

Improve the reliability of your data and start benefiting from automated workflows and proactive plant operations to better monitor your water treatment efforts.
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Maintain Compliance with Confidence

Gain peace of mind knowing your data is always ready for reporting requirements and issues will report themselves as they surface.
Automated Alerts for Exceedances

Never be caught off guard—alarms set to custom thresholds identify emerging issues or trends before they become an issue and long before they result in a compliance infraction.

Preconfigured Regulatory Reports

Built-in templates for regional or federal regulators allow for automated report generation and customizable dashboards provide at-a-glance contextual insights to quickly understand status.

Case Study Penticton
Case Study

City of Penticton

Learn how the City of Penticton transformed their approach to EMS reporting using WaterTrax to streamline and automate processes.

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reporting efficiency gain

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Aquatic Informatics empowers the water industry across all applications, to make data driven, smart decisions, and do more with less.

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