Wims Product Water Information Management Solution Software

Combine field, process, lab, and other data for the complete picture.

Streamline workflows and easily analyze water and wastewater information from
SCADA, LIMS, and more.
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Central, Secure Database

Process data is automatically stored in a central, secure database that provides an audit trail, preserves historical records, and makes information more accessible for easy viewing.

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Streamline Operations

Streamline and optimize water operations with user-defined alerts and modeling tools that help resolve, predict, and prevent disruptions. WIMS™ also provides tools needed for calculations, electronic and paper reporting, analysis, and monitoring.

Mantain Compliance
Maintain Compliance

Save time with WIMS business and compliance reporting. Templates for the EPA, state, and other agency regulatory reports are pre-programmed, making it ideal for managing compliance reporting to agencies.

Trusted by hundreds of innovative cities

WIMS has proven to be a great tool for improving operations. Now with a few clicks, we can get the information we need to make decisions and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Customer Quote Image Columbia South Carolina
Sarah Hickman, Laboratory Manager, City of Columbia, South Carolina

Centralize Information to Save Resources

Identify chemical, energy, and labour cost reduction opportunities by comparing data throughout your facility.
Improve Efficiency & Reduce Manual Tasks

Seamlessly integrate the collection, aggregation tracking, and dissemination of data. WIMS allows automatic imports of Process, SCADA, LIMS, manual data, Rio Mobile data collection, and more to optimize plant operations and prevent fines.

Intelligent alerts and modeling tools help resolve, predict, and prevent disruptions. WIMS will flag problems, so you know exactly what happened and where they occurred to be protected during permit exceedances.

Built-in Equations For Complex Calculations

Over 100 industry-specific formulas allow you to manage complex calculations quickly and accurately. Modeling tools allow you to develop “what if” scenarios and perform search queries on your data.

Leverage built-in analysis tools for statistical correlations, probabilities, year-over-year, histograms, and Statistical Process Control Calculations.

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Wims Transform Data Into Action@2x

Transform Data into Action

Get more from your data with simplified reporting and contextual insights.
Customizable Dashboards

Customizable dashboards allow color-coded key performance indicators (KPIs) to be displayed in gauges and charts, providing status info at-a-glance.

On-Demand Compliance Reporting

Produce, schedule, and email on-demand reports using powerful charting, graphing and statistical tools using pre-programmed EPA and state report templates for drinking water and wastewater regulatory compliance.

Robust Scalability

Compound efficiencies with the flexibility to integrate your Laboratory Information Management Software with LAB Cal and LIMS Interfaces for EDI files, process data with a SCADA Interface, and automate data entry and calculations from the HQ40d Meter and LBOD optical dissolved oxygen probe with BOD Manager.

Centralize water & wastewater compliance.

Discover efficient, proactive monitoring by reviewing and analyzing data faster for defensible compliance and more informed decision-making to put your community first.
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And with Aquatic Informatics, itʼs not just software…

There are more benefits you’ll realize by partnering with Aquatic Informatics
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Customer Support and Resources

Connect with a support specialist whenever you need assistance, access Aquatic Academy for online training, or find guides 24/7 in the knowledge base to discover learnings at your convenience.

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Continuous development and innovation

Regular software updates and enhancements to ensure the evolving needs or your organization are being met. Help shape the future of our software by submitting ideas and requests in our online community.

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Dedication to Social Responsibility

Using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, we’re committed to the highest standards of sustainable practices, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Resource Case Study Wims Centralizing Operational Data Improved Efficiency For Tucson
Case Study

Centralizing Operational data Improved Efficiency for Tucson

Tucson Electric Power chose WIMS to centralize the station’s data to improve operational efficiency, comply with environmental regulations, reduce manual tasks, and limit the amount of paper generated.
Time savings on reporting
Hours saved each month
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Eliminating data silos across the water cycle.

Aquatic Informatics empowers the water industry across all applications, to make data driven, smart decisions, and do more with less.

Watertrax Form Discover Efficient, Proactive Water Quality And Wastewater Compliance

Consolidate your data and make immediate, informed decisions.

Learn more about how WIMS can unify data from across your drinking water and wastewater systems to maximize time and resources.