Drinking Water

Easily monitor the health of infrastructure and water resources to proactively preserve potable water from contamination.
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Providing excellent water, all the time

Achieving reliable and timely visibility of your water system to ensure community safety and regulatory requirements requires diligent maintenance, testing, sampling, and continuous monitoring.
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Maintaining your community’s health

Efficiently managing the intricacies and details of all system assets, events, and monitoring locations for real-time visibility to effectively inform operations and field technicians.

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Accessing information quickly

Finding the right information at the right time for immediate action whether in the field or office can be tedious and manual.

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Ensuring accurate data for defensible compliance

Reviewing the quality of data being collected and trusting what’s being reported to the EPA or local regulators to reduce risk and liability.

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Streamline & Automate Tasks with Consolidated Data

Improve information availability and accuracy by digitizing field operations and connecting data sources to save resources and reduce errors.
Reduce Operating Costs & Extend Infrastructure’s Lifespan

Integrate and centralize program data for efficient task management, sophisticated analysis, and complete system visibility to make faster, more informed decisions.

Maintain Defensibility & Protect Against Risk

Safeguard your water system with automatic data validation, custom alerts triggered from changes in water quality, and preservation of historic and corrected data for trend analysis and audits.

Since the recent water quality events in Flint, Michigan, everyone has been paying more attention to water quality issues. South Bend’s next review for lead and copper testing is in 2019 and WaterTrax will be very helpful for this. Results from around the distribution system will be entered into WaterTrax directly from the labs and this data will then be easy for us to access, map, and report to ensure compliance.

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Michelle Smith, Director Of Water Quality And Laboratory, South Bend Utilities

Have confidence in your data

Improve the reliability of your data and start benefiting from automated workflows and proactive field operations to better protect your potable water supply.
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Share Insights Internally & Externally

Putting information into the hands of coworkers, departments, and citizens helps foster a transparent environment and early detection of operational issues.
Empower Stakeholders with Information

Collect data or access information from the field on an internet-connected device to enable remote operations and sync activities to the database.

Purpose-Built Reporting & Compliance

Built-in templates for regional or federal regulators allow for automated report generation and customizable dashboards provide at-a-glance contextual insights to quickly understand status.

REWA water treatment
Case Study

Greenville County

Learn how REWA (Renewable Water Resources) leverages the WIMS Platform to provide clean water for Greenville County and respond faster to alerts.
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Aquatic Informatics empowers the water industry across all applications, to make data driven, smart decisions, and do more with less.

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