Respond to extreme weather with focus and speed by quickly analyzing the impact on infrastructure and public safety.
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When a flood strikes, every second counts.

Already trying to adapt to changes in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, stormwater teams often face additional challenges in responding fast enough.
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Consolidating diverse monitoring networks

Finding and accessing the right information at the right time for immediate action is tedious if it isn’t centralized for meaningful intelligence and effective field deployment.

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Untimely access to insights

Developing rating curves, finding and correcting errors, comparing historic time-series or discrete data, and maintaining a defensible audit trail is manual and time-consuming.

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Distributing information efficiently

Understanding problems and communicating them quickly to the right people and the right time is critical for prioritizing efforts, preserving infrastructure, and protecting the health of citizens.

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Efficient Access to Any Data Source

Leverage a modern solution to maximize data’s value and focus monitoring efforts with contextual insights to proactively address challenges and improve decision-making.
Connect To Sensors In Real Time

Manage all monitoring locations centrally to stay informed—in the office and the field—by integrating data acquisition systems or external databases, and automating continuous data ingestion. 

Maintain Data Integrity & Defensibility

Eliminate spreadsheets and hours of manual effort by creating and retrieving customized intensities with the push of a button to evaluate isolated events and protect against liability.

In the past, evaluating the impact of these heavy rain events required multiple spreadsheets and hours of manual effort. Now, with the push of a button, the software can create and retrieve customized intensities to evaluate isolated street flooding and protect the city against liability

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Hensley Henry, Street and Storm Water Division, City of Orlando

Improve response & community safety

Extreme weather is changing the frequency and intensity of floods and droughts. Gain valuable insights with historical and real-time flow data & analysis.
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Discover Problems Before They Occur

Communicate measurements, calculations, and learnings easily and transparently by making them accessible and actionable to the right people when it matters most.
Empower Others with Proactive Insights

Define unique compliance parameters to easily visualize status, display warning insights in graphs and maps, or deliver notifications for proactive response. 

Perform Complex Analysis—Quickly

Easily visualize, scan, and QA/QC your data with best-in-class rating curves, automated error detection, and intuitive correction tools that compare raw and historic data with a defensible audit trail.

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Case Study

City of Orlando

Learn how the City of Orlando Streets and Stormwater Division helps protect its citizens during heavy rain events.
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