Centralized water data management, production, audition, and powerful analytics help optimize hydropower generation while ensuring operators meet legislated instream flow requirements.
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Meeting reporting requirements can be tough.

Maintaining accurate hydrological data and avoiding mistakes with in-stream flow calculations and analysis is necessary to avoid regulatory penalties and impacts to brand equity.
Icon Outdated Record Keeping
Outdated Record Keeping and Monitoring Methods

Keeping official records while monitoring compliance within a number of license terms and conditions, along with other rules and regulations, can feel like a labyrinth.

Icon Inefficient Reporting
Inefficient Reporting Processes

Streamlining and efficiently producing reports for regulatory bodies that meet reporting requirements.

Icon Antiquated Computation
Antiquated Computation and Visualization.

Outdated tools and methods make computations and visualization harder than they need to be, reducing workflow efficiency.

Image Manage All Data In One Place

Manage all data in one place

Aquarius centralizes your disparate data, so you can easily access it when you need it, where you need it.
Build Accurate Rating Curves

Build accurate rating curves in less time. Easily streamline various processes such as importing your rating curves into your SCADA system to support day-to-day operations. 

Manage Permissions

Keep official records locked from a data quality point of view, and provide access to stakeholders that require it, including those at other sites.

Efficiently Update Supply Forecasts

Easily refresh statistical water supply forecasts on a regular basis, making external data sharing a simple affair.

All of our official water records are managed in Aquarius to streamline complex regulatory reporting requirements. Using Aquarius as our water accounting solution allows the NCPA to build accurate rating curves as well as manage and compute all of our water data in accordance with USGS standards - this is critical as a FERC cooperator interfacing with the USGS

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Randy Bowersox, Manager, Hydroelectric Facilities, NCPA

Build a better future with better water data.

Hydropower agencies worldwide trust Aquatic Informatics to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in real-time. See the power first-hand by speaking with an expert.
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Image Regulatory Reporting Made Easy

Regulatory reporting—made easy

Manage and compute your water data quickly and easily, all in accordance with the unique regulatory framework your agency adheres to.
Customizable Reports

Reports can be tailored and customized to match specific needs and regulatory reporting requirements. 

Reliable Records

Helps you maintain accurate and defensible records that serve as proof your organization is meeting all regulatory requirements.

Manage and Compute Data According to Regulation

Generate reports from a large list of templates, while managing and computing all water data in accordance with regulatory standards.

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Northern California Power Agency

Using software to streamline laborious reporting requirements and build accurate rating curves.
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