Burglar sneaking into a room.

I had the great pleasure of re-connecting with colleagues at the NASH symposia at the AWRA 2014 national conference. There were three well-attended NASH sessions and a panel discussion that were all great starting points for conversations.

One such conversation about discharge measurement uncertainty with Tim Cohn resulted in the statement that is the title of this post. We were discussing the reasons for study into the problem of quantification of discharge measurement uncertainty.

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A hydrographer working on a river in the wintertime.

Measuring and monitoring streamflow is a place-based activity. Hydrographers are isolated from each other because of the size of the geographic domain each one can cover. Training opportunities and technology workshops are often organized along institutional lines. Hydrographers often have closer communication with distant colleagues in the same institution than they have with those operating gauges close to home who work for other agencies. However, there...

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