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Combine field, process, lab, and other data for the complete picture.

Hach WIMS™ is a Water Information Management System that replaces Excel, automates reporting, and lets your operations staff get back to the work they’re supposed to be doing.
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Central, Secure Database

Process data is automatically stored in a central, secure database that provides an audit trail, preserves historical records, and makes information more accessible.

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Maximize Resources

Put your daily rounds data to work with faster, better insights for identifying how and where you can optimize resources​.

WIMS Mantain Compliance
Operate with Confidence

With real-time alerts, trend reporting, and a secure audit trail, you can rest assured knowing your operations are within compliance

Hach & Aquatic Informatics Partnership

In 2021, Hach entrusted Aquatic Informatics with managing the WIMS Platform, leveraging AQI's 20+ years of experience in water data management systems. Hach remains involved and continues to develop instrumentation tailored for the WIMS Platform.
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Before Hach WIMS™

Without a centralized system, compliance and operations are siloed processes that leave your organization open to risks such as financial strain, audits, fines, emergency events, and shortened asset lifespans.
Pulling reports shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth: discover a better way to manage your facility’s data. 

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After Hach WIMS™

Discover efficient, proactive monitoring by reviewing and analyzing data faster for defensible compliance and more informed decision-making to put your community first.
With WIMS, your team can seamlessly integrate data collection, aggregation tracking, and dissemination to strategically plan operations and prevent fines.

Hach WIMS After Image

WIMS has proven to be a great tool for improving operations. Now with a few clicks, we can get the information we need to make decisions and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Customer Quote Image Columbia South Carolina
Sarah Hickman, Laboratory Manager, City of Columbia, South Carolina

Easily manage your water compliance & operations with WIMS Rio.

Rio™ is a cloud-based software solution designed to centralize daily workflows for drinking water and wastewater utilities of any size.
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Holistic View

Break down data silos by integrating lab, process, field, and other data sources to improve cross-organizational visibility and decision-making.

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Empower Field Work

Leverage the WIMS Rio mobile app on its own or with WIMS for remote data collection, data validation to reduce errors, and access to information for more efficient field operations.

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Maintain Compliance

Track critical metrics, visualize trends, produce regulatory reports (NetDMR, MORs, etc), and use customizable alerts to proactively address problems.

Trusted by hundreds of innovative cities

Deploy in Weeks, Not Years

Unlock more from your data by automatically syncing from multiple sources into a single source of truth.

Guided or Concierge Setup

Discover implementation that enables control over your system.

Minimal Time Commitment

A few hours a week during rollout.

Realize Value Immediately

Short learning curve and rapid ROI.
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Case Study

Penn Yan Plant Automates Workflows & Achieves Proactive Maintenance

Penn Yan chose WIMS Rio to centralize the plant's data to improve operational efficiency, reduce manual tasks, streamline reporting, and intercept risks early.

time-savings on NetDMR reports

more efficient operations

The plant has reported saving an average 2.5 hours every week wasted manually collecting, analyzing, and reporting their operations data.


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