Hydrologist on an ice sheet.

Stu Hamilton next to an ablation stake on the Peyto Glacer. Note the meltwater channels eroded into the ice surface. When the sun hits the ice later in the day these channels will be running full of water and draining down crevasses contributing to sub-glacial flow. Sub-glacial flow is linked with glacier thinning. Photo by Ian Hamilton, July 20, 2014

A 3-day hike in July on the Wapta Icefield in the Canadian Rockies with my son took us up the Bow Glacier, briefly onto the Yoho Glacier and then down the Peyto Glacier. Bow Glacier meltwater flows into the South Saskatchewan River (146,100 km2). Yoho Glacier meltwater flows into the Columbia River (668,000 km2). Peyto Glacier meltwater flows in the North Saskatchewan River (122,800 km2).

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