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A Hydrologist’s Holiday

A 3-day hike in July on the Wapta Icefield in the Canadian Rockies with my son took us up the Bow Glacier, briefly onto the Yoho Glacier and then down the Peyto Glacier. Bow Glacier meltwater flows into the South Saskatchewan River (146,100 km2). Yoho Glacier meltwater flows into the Columbia River (668,000 km2). Peyto Glacier meltwater flows in the North Saskatchewan River (122,800 km2).

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Neil Young & The World Bank – Water vs Energy

The recent uproar over Neil Young’s comments about Alberta’s oilsands development got me thinking about energy and water. Water is used in many of our energy generation methods. Whether it’s hydro power, thermal generation, oil extraction, etc., water is vital to most current energy production methods. That might not be a problem except water is…

Meta-monitoring – Exploiting the Increasing Self-Awareness of Smart Sensors

Dave Gunderson, a frequent contributor to this blog, has been active in designing his monitoring program to be highly self-aware. Achieving this requires quite a high level of customization and programming of the field hardware and a fairly high bandwidth of communication. This is in stark contrast to many monitoring programs where highly sophisticated hardware…