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International Hydrometry Workshop – Recent Advances in Technology & Uncertainty Analysis

In the field of hydrometry there is benefit that arises from global collaboration. Few monitoring agencies have enough resources needed to invest in wide-ranging discovery of better ways for acquiring and producing streamflow data. However, it is feasible for local centres of expertise to develop that can advance any one of many opportunities for significant advancement in the business of water measurement and monitoring.

The Weaponization of Water Data

Every change in the expected pattern of variability of water supply and quality poses a threat to the security of the water, food and energy we are dependent on for quality of life. Up until the very recent past conversations about the role of water data tended to be about development of, and management of, our water resources in a way that served environmental sustainability. Water data give us the means to identify the right balance between human and in-stream requirements and the evidence to ensure that such balance is respected.

Water monitoring, Hydrology, Water data management software, Rating curve, Stage discharge curve

The Fracking Truth About Hydraulic Fracturing

There is no shortage of differing opinions about the hydraulic fracturing ‘fracking’ technique for shale gas extraction. I am impressed at the influence of this technique on global geo-politics. Previously inaccessible hydrocarbon reserves are changing the global distribution of wealth. There is economic incentive to be an early adopter because there is risk that late…

Water monitoring, Hydrology, Water data management software, Rating curve, Stage discharge curve

Lying with Statistics: Every Day Has 2 Midnights & Every Midnight has 2 Days

“It is easy to lie with statistics. It is hard to tell the truth without statistics.” Andrejs Dunkel. Time series statistics are awkward. Time series statistic are absolutely necessary. They distill the essential truth from very large volumes of data. The statistics that are most useful are very simple concepts such as max, min, mean…

Mitigating Risk for Risk Mitigation: What L’Aquila Means for Water Monitoring

On October 22, 2012, six Italian scientists and a government official were sentenced to 6 years in jail, given lifetime bans on holding public office, and ordered to pay compensation of €7.8m in connection with the L’Aquila earthquake. The 6.3 magnitude earthquake injured over 1,000 people and resulted in 300 deaths. The judgment was based…