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The New Normal Is No Normal

I was stunned when I looked at NASA’s plot of monthly temperature anomalies showing that not only was July the hottest July ever recorded, it was the hottest month ever recorded, and the most recent (maybe not the last!) in an streak of new monthly records going back 10 months. There is shock value in seeing the whitespace on this graph separating the last ten months from the warmest weather of the past 136 years.

Can Big Data Help with Small Numbers? Emerging Use-Cases for Water Data Management

Drought is a large-scale problem. Droughts of high severity, long duration, and broad spatial extent happen infrequently enough that ecological and economic dependencies on water are bound to develop during the between-drought intervals. The trick for drought resilient societies is to develop a long-term memory that serves to limit over-enthusiastic exploitation of water resources when…

Water Stress – Make Streamgauges Not War

The World Resources Institute used an ensemble of climate models and socioeconomic scenarios to rank future water stress globally. Notwithstanding the uncertainties inherent in their methodology, the results align with intuition; countries with a trend toward greater water demand than supply are setting themselves up for water stress. Tragically, many of the countries at the…

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It’s All About the Data – Illuminating Our Water Options

The droughts that are occurring in California, Puerto Rico, North Korea, Sao Paolo, and India are climatologically driven events, but the droughts of recent times have almost certainly been aggravated by water over-use, mis-use, and abuse. An attractive alternative to the scenarios that are currently playing out around the world is one in which monitoring…