AQUARIUS Certified Integrator certificate of completion.

Aquatic Informatics has announced a new AQUARIUS Certified Integrator program.

Aquatic Informatics has been growing rapidly. We doubled in size last year and we now serve over 400 customers in 37 countries. Our Client Services department is proud to offer the best customer support and service in the industry, and we are committed to customer success. However, we also need to meet the needs of our customers who require additional services, such as integrating AQUARIUS Time-Series Server with their existing systems. To provide our customers with a local option, we are excited to add certified partners to our global offering.

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AQUARIUS release 3.3 graphic.

AQUARIUS 3.3 was released last week, and as always we are keen to tell you all about it and help you take advantage of what it offers. Exciting enhancements to the Data Correction toolbox as well as other enhancements to the system make this release of AQUARIUS the most powerful and easy to use data correction solution for producing high quality hydrological data. AQUARIUS 3.3 includes...

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