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WaterTrax software provides compliance & electronic reporting tools for municipalities. As an industry-leading software platform, it helps agencies and utilities monitor and manage their water and wastewater system data. Through technology-driven data collection, and automated data management, we equip our clients with the tools to streamline their regulatory compliance practices and improve data integrity.

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Organize Data to Match Your System With One Central Database

WaterTrax uses intuitive data management architecture that is configurable for consolidating all monitoring data collected by your organization. By storing your information in a central optimized database, quickly reviewing the overall health of all your facilities, or segmenting them separately is a simple, and easy task. The database builds a history of information at each sampling point and provides system-wide information that is easy to locate, share and understand.

Desktop computer with WaterTrax platform.
WaterTrax sampling scheduling capabilities.

Schedule Events Automatically & Never Miss a Sampling Again

WaterTrax alerts and reminders are automatically sent to ensure timely sampling and to notify correct personnel in the case of a missed event. WaterTrax also provides an alerting mechanism to screen monitoring results. Data received from field technicians, entered by operators or transmitted from laboratories, are automatically checked against your defined alerting criteria once data are entered into WaterTrax. Easily connect sampling schedules to chain of custody forms and labels and quickly send notification emails if results exceed user-defined criteria.

Automate Lab Data Transfer & Entry to Avoid Mistakes

WaterTrax’s electronic data transfer format allows your internal and contract labs to upload laboratory test data directly into your WaterTrax database. In addition to eliminating paper records and duplicate data entry, the database provides real-time alerting when lab test results exceed alert levels as well as immediate and simultaneous access to all lab test results by managers and other office staff. Enjoy access to a network of 100+ laboratory partners.

Desktop computer showing WaterTrax lab testing capabilities.

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WaterTrax platform showing exceedance alerts.

Alert Managers of Exceedances so They Can Act Immediately

With WaterTrax, let the exceedances find you when they occur. By knowing sooner, you can quickly drill down into the data and metadata to easily view the relevant information, all in one location, allowing you to make better decisions and remediate events as they happen. With the formula builder tool users can to set calculations based on their own defined formulas that are maintained in the database for reporting, graphing and alerting criteria that are set based on the calculated values.

Access Your Data Anytime & Anywhere

Using WaterTrax’s mobile app, improves productivity by entering data from your smartphone or tablet in the field. By capturing data directly from the field, errors and duplication can be eliminated. Beyond providing managers and other office staff with immediate access to field data, real-time alerting of poor results offers the ability to respond quickly to any water/wastewater system issues. As a fully-managed software as a service (SaaS) platform, WaterTrax will save you time and money by allowing for easy deployment and reducing the burden to your Utility IT Department.

WaterTrax platform on laptop, and as an app.
Macbook and iPad with WaterTrax ad hoc & regulatory reports.

Produce Ad Hoc & Regulatory Reports in Seconds

With WaterTrax reporting, users can define which data to include in reports or graphs using a set of criteria or filters such as collection date range, sampling locations, or analytes. Settings can be saved as templates for easy reproduction based on your specified frequency. By working with regions across North America, WaterTrax has a series of region-specific regulatory report templates including a fully configurable one for NetDMR that helps NPDES permit holders automate discharge monitoring reports. Likewise, DMR reports can be created with the click of a button to produce CDF output for CIWQS. Thousands of historical records can be exported into PDF, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or other graphical format in seconds.

Empowering Industry Experts to Make Data Driven, Smart Decisions.

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