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Wastewater Pretreatment & FOG Regulatory Compliance.

Linko software manages industrial pretreatment, fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and liquid hauled waste. Over 400 customers choose Linko to fix their wastewater compliance tracking and reporting problems by improving efficiencies across multiple source control programs, ensuring requirements are met, and reducing risk for compliance technicians and managers.

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Streamlined Industrial Pretreatment Compliance Tracking

Linko Compliance Tracking (LinkoCTS) allows industrial pretreatment programs to efficiently and accurately manage the entire compliance tracking process. Get started with organized lists of permitted industries and required information, easily schedule, track and evaluate sample analysis compliance. With LinkoCTS, detecting violations, issuing notice of violations (NOVs) and managing compliance requirements are all completed in one easy-to-navigate location. Manage pretreatment data and evaluate 40 CFR 403 compliance requirements in seconds. Quickly schedule authority and IU requirements and events, as well as provide helpful reminders. Speed up data discovery, search, and analysis with our pretreatment specific filtering tools, then publish your results with customized reports.

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Ensure FOG Compliance & Manage FSE Inspections

LinkoFOG helps organize all aspects of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) programs. LinkoFOG saves time and money by eliminating management headaches, and ensuring that the required steps in your FOG program are completed properly. Because not all FOG programs are alike, Linko offers a variety of product configurations to meet your unique responsibilities. LinkoFOG provides a wide range of tools to help assemble, sort, manage and report on your list of Food Service Establishments (FSEs). LinkoFOG allows you to schedule and manage high volume FSE inspections including customizing the inspection forms and reports, automatically calculating % grease, flag non-compliance, and prompt you to generate a Notice of Violation (NOV) or Warning letter.

Manage Your Liquid Hauled Waste Program – Start to Finish

Linko Hauled Waste (LinkoHW) efficiently manages municipal FOG and septage hauled waste programs. The easily customizable, and process-specific screens make high volume data entry and reporting fast and easy. Combining LinkoHW with LinkoFOG provides comprehensive Cradle-to-Grave Fats, Oils and Grease tracking. This means FOG disposals are instantly traced back to the originating Food Service Establishments (FSEs) for closed loop monitoring. LinkoHW provides a wide range of tools to help with hauler inventory, manifests, disposals and volumes tracking, activities and events scheduling, violations detection and enforcement, samples and results, and finally reporting. With all the features Liquid Hauled Waste Coordinators want, wrapped into a single, highly flexible software, LinkoHW delivers rapid return on your investment.

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Optimize Your Remote Inspections with Real-Time Access

Linko Remote Inspector allows inspectors to easily collect data electronically in the field. Designed for use with any tablet, the software uses electronic versions of your existing inspection forms. The inspection forms are synchronized to your desktop, and photos can be added to a record on the spot, drastically reducing the amount of organizing and manual data entry back at the office. Manage your facilities by grouping them by inspector, customize required form fields, collect signatures with the swipe of a finger, access historical inspection records when you need them, and email them instantly. Linko Remote Inspector gives you everything you need in the field, allowing you to issue violations and other enforcement notices while on site.

Reduce Inspections Through Electronic Pumpout Manifests

Linko’s Pumpout Manifest (POM) Portal is designed for FOG Programs who want to focus their limited resources on facilities that are not cleaning their grease abatement devices as required, exceed 25% rules or have devices in need of repair. With Linko POM Portal, you can easily gather real-time electronic pumpout manifests from facilities or haulers thereby eliminating manual data entry, automatically email reminders, as well as schedule pumpouts for the Facilities. Facilities not meeting their maintenance requirements are easily identified, allowing FOG Program staff to focus enforcement and inspection activities on those facilities not in compliance.

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Automate Self-Monitoring Reporting with Linko Exchange

With LinkoExchange, industries can quickly login to enter their Self-Monitoring Report (SMR) and view information about reporting requirements. LinkoExchange automatically performs compliance calculations, sends permit limit violation notifications, generates a score card highlighting missing elements from the reporting package, and ensures completeness and accuracy. The generated SMR package is submitted electronically, backed up with the EPA required Copy of Record (COR), and a submission confirmation receipt is emailed. The authority can also easily login to LinkoExchange to review the SMR results, seamlessly sync the data to their LinkoCTS software, and receive email alerts if the Industrial Users (IUs) results are over their permit limit.

Customize a Solution to Meet Your Needs

Linko Add-On Modular Features allow our customers the power and flexibility to add specific features for their individual needs. Not all Compliance Tracking Programs are the same. Both LinkoCTS and LinkoFOG software allow customized solutions for a wide variety of needs. Our Add-On Modular Features include: Pumpout Manifest (POM) Portal, Remote Inspector, Outlook Sync Calendar Integration, LabSync LIMS Integration, LinkoSL Surcharge and Loadings Calculator.

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