Customer Case Studies

Environmental monitoring agencies trust AQUARIUS to achieve higher water data accuracy, defensibility, & timeliness.

Explore our customer case studies and discover how AQUARIUS can help you make better, faster decisions. Discover how to streamline regulatory compliance and reporting. Learn how timely water supply forecasts can improve operational decisions. Discover how to produce water data to USGS standards efficiently.

Environmental C&E Firm Delivers Highest Quality Data with AQUARIUS

Herrera Environmental Consultants Gain a Competitive Edge with Superior Quality Assurance

“AQUARIUS Time-Series has revolutionized the way we manage and QA our water data. We now deliver flow data to our clients which has a clear audit trail, a QA history, and estimations of measurement error, all with 50% efficiency gains. This has given us a distinct advantage over the competition.”

Dylan Ahearn, Associate Scientist Herrera Environmental Consultants

AQUARIUS Improves Irrigation System Efficiencies & Data Quality

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Gains Operational Efficiencies & Confidence in Business Decisions

“For the first time in our 100+ year history, AQUARIUS has provided Murrumbidgee Irrigation with a solid warehouse and analytical tool for our hydrological data. It provides a source of truth and level of confidence that we have needed to move forward as a leader in our industry.”

Chris Smith, Water Resource Analyst, Murrumbidgee Irrigation

AQUARIUS Centralized Environmental Data Management Case Study

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Improves Environmental Data Security & Management

“The majority of our continuous environmental data is managed in AQUARIUS Time-Series. Our data is quality assured and we have it all at our fingertips. Now there’s a centralized factual hub that people can go to for that collected information. The modern user interface makes it easy for hydrologists and non-specialists alike to securely access the environmental information they need to make better resource management decisions.”

Glenn Ellery, Data Services Manager, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

AQUARIUS Environmental Policy & Modernization Case Study

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador Modernizes Real-Time Water Data Management with AQUARIUS

“Outstanding! A word that explains how our office has excelled in providing quality data to our users. For us, AQUARIUS Time-Series is more than software, it is a complex platform that makes our daily operations easier and more efficient.”

Roberto A. Cerón, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, El Salvador

AQUARIUS Hydrology & Environmental Analytics Case Study

South Dakota DENR’s Use of AQUARIUS to Develop Legally Defensible Water Level Models

“Using the Empirical Model, we were able to calculate how often the lake’s water level would have actually increased over the last 30 years, under the proposed management plan. It really helped the board decide that it was better not to allow them to bring water in. This was my first attempt at using the Empirical Modeler, and the fact that in two days I could come up with a working model that recreates 30 years of data – it speaks very well of the software’s ease of use.”

Sean Kruger, South Dakota DENR

AQUARIUS Water Quality Analysis Case Study

Exploring and Manipulating Mass Data with Efficiency and Simplicity

”AQUARIUS makes it possible for me to do things with data that otherwise would be impossible. With AQUARIUS I have all the data right at my fingertips. I never have to prune data or make decisions about which part of the data I should manipulate. AQUARIUS has empowered me to do so much more data exploration than I could have undertaken if I was stuck using Excel. I’m not aware of any other software on the market that does what AQUARIUS does.”

Dr. Susan Libes, Waccamaw Watershed Academy, Coastal Carolina University

Wyoming State Achieves 50% Efficiency Gains with AQUARIUS

Wyoming State Engineer’s Office Improves Data Accuracy & Accessibility State-Wide

“We have improved the accuracy of our records, which is critical. Creating a reproducible, archiveable, dependable record – and being able to reduce and publish that record to USGS standards, which is the standard for us – that’s the big plus! The Ratings Package also stands out. It’s a tool that we’ve wanted forever, and we’ve finally found something that really does what we had in mind. Combined with AQUARIUS WebPortal we are now sharing data with our users in real-time, helping them as well as us make better management decisions. That wasn’t possible before.”

Loren Smith, Wyoming State Engineer’s Office

AQUARIUS Urban Water Resources Data Management Case Study

The City of Bellingham Modernizes Its Hydrology & Water Quality Data Management System

“As our urban water resource data management platform, AQUARIUS is enabling the City of Bellingham to efficiently produce water data of the highest standards.”

Michelle Evans, Water Quality Specialist, City of Bellingham

Stormwater, TMDL Monitoring & Regulatory Compliance

City of Lake Oswego Improves Urban Water Resource Management with Real-Time Data Analysis

“Despite governing a small municipality of 37,000, our policy makers want to know that they can trust our environmental data. By using AQUARIUS we can tell them that we use the same methodologies and tools to build our rating curves and process our environmental data as the USGS and Water Survey Canada. That provides credibility for the small fish in the pond.”

David A. Gilbey, Water Quality Program Coordinator, City of Lake Oswego

FERC Regulatory Compliance & Water Accounting

Northern California Power Agency Streamlines Regulatory Reporting

“All of our official water records are managed in AQUARIUS to streamline complex regulatory reporting requirements. Using AQUARIUS as our water accounting solution allows the NCPA to build accurate rating curves as well as manage and compute all of our water data in accordance with USGS standards – this is critical as a FERC cooperator interfacing with the USGS.”

Randy Bowersox, Manager, Hydroelectric Facilities

AQUARIUS Custom Workflow & Modeling Automation

British Columbia Hydro Improves Efficiency & Management of Water Supply Forecasts

“AQUARIUS has allowed us to efficiently update statistical water supply forecasts on a daily basis. Since BC Hydro is largely a hydropower producer, our water supply forecasts are basically our revenue forecasts. With AQUARIUS we now have a long-term solution that is easy for our team to maintain and support.”

Stephanie Smith, Manager, Hydrology & Technical Services, BC Hydro