Managing the World’s Water Data.

Software for the Water Industry.

The world’s most advanced monitoring agencies trust Aquatic Informatics to achieve higher data integrity, defensibility, compliance, and timeliness.

AQUARIUS Time-Series

Efficient, Accurate & Defensible Water Data.

AQUARIUS Time-Series is the most powerful platform for managing water resources. Environmental data from multiple sources are securely stored for fast, central access. Its simple design delivers the latest science and techniques in an intuitive interface. Water managers can easily correct and quality control data, build better rating curves, derive statistics, and report in real-time to meet stakeholder expectations for timely, accurate water information.

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Sample Management Made Easy.

AQUARIUS Samples streamlines the production and management of environmental lab and field sample data, saving time while increasing the quality of final data. All your discrete water, air, soil, and biological data are securely stored and validated online for rapid analysis and visualization – so you can make better decisions anytime, anywhere.

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Right Data. Right People. Right Time.

Delivers a simple and elegant solution for offering real-time online access to quality assured environmental data and services. Impress stakeholders with custom dashboards, rich statistics, intuitive maps, alerts, and live reports – empowering them to make better decisions anytime, anywhere.

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Simpler Workflows. Complex Models.

Modern software for advanced environmental modelling, delivering higher accuracy, speed, and a decisive edge. Simpler workflows make it easier to build sophisticated models of complex water resource systems.

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Real-Time Water Data Acquisition.

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA is the most robust data acquisition software used by leading water and environmental monitoring agencies worldwide. Modernized data acquisition networks require AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA to ensure real-time, reliable data collection.

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All the Power of AQUARIUS. No IT Hassle.

AQUARIUS Cloud is software as a service (SaaS). Instead of owning and operating AQUARIUS on your servers, you can now subscribe to any AQUARIUS solution hosted in a secure, private cloud – without up-front capital or IT labour costs. Deployment is faster and system health remains optimal because we set up and operate AQUARIUS for you.

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WaterTrax Platform

Water quality & wastewater compliance.

WaterTrax software provides compliance & electronic reporting tools for municipalities. As an industry-leading software platform, it helps agencies and utilities monitor and manage their water and wastewater system data. Through technology-driven data collection, and automated data management, we equip our clients with the tools to streamline their regulatory compliance practices and improve data integrity.

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Linko Technology

Ensuring Pretreatment & FOG Compliance.

Linko software manages industrial pretreatment; fats, oil, and grease; and liquid hauled waste. Over 400 customers choose Linko to fix their wastewater compliance tracking and reporting problems by improving efficiencies across multiple source control programs, ensuring requirements are met, and reducing risk for compliance technicians and managers.

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