Water Survey of Canada

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Modernization of a Nation’s Water Monitoring Network


When the Water Survey of Canada needed a solution to streamline their data management activities for over 3,500 monitoring stations and 250+ hydrologists and field technicians, they chose AQUARIUS. As Canada’s federal water monitoring agency and steward of Canada’s vast water resources, Water Survey of Canada set a high bar for software completeness, usability, and performance. AQUARIUS met and exceeded that bar so that now AQUARIUS Workstation software is used in all 28 field offices with all environmental data centrally managed on a powerful enterprise AQUARIUS.

“Water Survey of Canada is at the forefront of adopting the best technology available to ensure hydrometric data is properly managed. They are a great partner to work with because they understand what the future of hydrometric monitoring looks like and are committed to implementing a system that will take them there. We are proud to be working with them and look forward to a long term relationship.”


– Ed Quilty, President & CEO, Aquatic Informatics Inc.

Modernisation du réseau de surveillance


Lorsque Relevés hydrologiques du Canada a cherché une solution pour répondre à leurs besoins d’organisation et de simplification de leurs activités de gestion pour plus de 3 500 stations de surveillance et 250+ hydrologues et techniciens de terrain, ils ont choisi AQUARIUS. En tant qu’agence fédérale gouvernementale du Canada pour la surveillance de l’eau, Relevés hydrologiques du Canada possède des normes considérables en ce qui a trait à l’utilisation, et à la performance du logiciel. AQUARIUS a atteint et surpassé les normes et il est maintenant le logiciel utilisé dans plus de 28 bureaux régionaux et toutes les données environnementales sont gérées de façon centrale par AQUARIUS.

WATCH WEBINAR: 7 Ways to Quality Control Water Data in Real-Time

Hear from guest speaker Derek Forsbloom and discover how Water Survey of Canada is systematically correcting the continuous water data it publishes from 2,500 gauging stations. Learn how to elevate the quality of your hydrometric data in real-time.