AQUARIUS – Preferred Globally for Water Data Management

It is software you can trust.

Our customers are more than just users of our software – they are our partners. Every day, the world’s leading monitoring agencies help ensure that AQUARIUS serves the evolving needs of today’s water professionals, and remains the industry standard for environmental data management.

U.S. Geological Survey

Data from over 16,500 real-time stream gauges

To increase operational efficiencies and optimize data consistency nationwide, the USGS chose AQUARIUS as its primary platform for all time series data storage, processing, review, and dissemination. Since 2005, the USGS has relied on AQUARIUS to build accurate rating curves. Read More ⟶

Water Survey of Canada

Data from over 3,500 stations

Water Survey of Canada selected AQUARIUS after an extensive evaluation and open tender process. AQUARIUS Time-Series and AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA are used for the acquisition and management of data from over 3,500 stream gages, across 28 field offices, for over 200 hydrographers. Read More ⟶

500 + Customers from national agencies, state, regional and local water authorities, hydropower operators, mining companies, consulting & engineering organizations, and academic groups around the world trust AQUARIUS Software. Thousands of hydrologists and scientists rely on AQUARIUS every day. Browse a selection of AQUARIUS customers by industry below:

 State & Regional Agencies


City of Lake Oswego

The City of Lake Oswego uses AQUARIUS as its urban water data management platform to centralize and analyze all of its environmental data. It relies on AQUARIUS to model Total Maximum Daily Loads in near real-time and to meet its stormwater regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements more efficiently. Read the case study ⟶


City of Bellingham

The City of Bellingham uses AQUARIUS as its urban water quality data management platform to efficiently produce water data of the highest standards. It relies on AQUARIUS to help meet its mandate and operational goals as well as process large volumes of raw data for timely, actionable information. Read the case study ⟶


South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources

The South Dakota DENR uses AQUARIUS for the development of stage discharge relationships or rating curves. AQUARIUS is used to develop Total Maximum Daily Load reports for reservoirs and to process data for its water quality monitoring stations. Read the case study ⟶


Wyoming State Engineers Office

Wyoming SEO uses AQUARIUS to manage data from the stream gaging network throughout the state. Using AQUARIUS ensures that the state is applying the same rating curve and data correction tools as the USGS. Read the case study ⟶


Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR)

The CO DWR, responsible for the state’s water rights administration, publishes water resources data from over 980 sites in near real-time on the Colorado Surface Water Conditions website. About 30 hydrographic staff rely heavily on the Rating Curve module.


Illinois Department of Natural Resources

The Illinois DNR Office of Water Resources is the lead state agency for water resources planning, navigation, floodplain management, the National Flood Insurance Program, and interstate organizations on water resources. It selected AQUARIUS to build its rating curves and to QA/QC its hydrometric data.


Northern Colorado Water Conservation District

NCWCD uses AQUARIUS help to manage the water resources related to the Colorado-Big Thompson project. Water managed by NCWCD is used for irrigation, municipal, and industrial uses.


Southern Nevada Water Authority

Southern Nevada Water Authority is responsible for managing both surface and ground water resources in one of the fastest growing yet water scarce areas in the United States. SNWA uses AQUARIUS so they can find the answers and information within their environmental data.

Hydropower Utilities

BC Hydro Logo

British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority (BC Hydro)

BC Hydro selected AQUARIUS to help better manage water supply and forecasting data, by providing more frequent updates to its statistical water supply forecasts and by improving the traceability and tracking of forecast changes. Read the case study ⟶


Northern California Power Agency

All of the NCPA’s official water records are managed in AQUARIUS to streamline complex FERC regulatory reporting requirements. By using AQUARIUS, the NCPA is building accurate rating curves and managing water data in accordance with USGS standards. Read the case study ⟶


Salt River Project

Salt River Project had an existing off the shelf water resource data management system that was not meeting its needs. After an open evaluation process, SRP adopted AQUARIUS and integrated it with a custom built telemetry system and SCADA.

 Mining Companies



DeBeers Canada uses AQUARIUS to manage the data from its network of gaging stations near the Snap Lake diamond mine in NWT Canada. AQUARIUS has been integrated with DeBeers satellite telemetry system.



Teck uses AQUARIUS to manage its gaging stations near the Red Dog Zinc mine in Alaska.

Consulting & Engineering Firms


Golder Associates

Golder Associates currently uses AQUARIUS in the Calgary office and will soon expand its use across Canada. The firm manages data from a network of gauging stations across Canada to meet a variety of client needs.

Academic & Educational Institutions


Coastal Carolina University – Waccamaw Watershed Academy

AQUARIUS is used by the Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine & Wetland Studies at the Coastal Carolina University to analyze and manage continuous water quality data for research related to the low oxygen in the ocean off the city of Myrtle Beach. Read the case study ⟶