Why Aquatic Informatics?

Aquatic Informatics empowers the water industry across all applications, to make data driven, smart decisions, and do more with less.

Global Community

Join over 1000 monitoring customers of all sizes globally – including the USGS, WSC, NIWA, BC Hydro, Alcoa & TasWater – who trust Aquatic Informatics to efficiently turn their water data into insight! Our solutions reflect the collective wisdom of the world’s most forward-thinking monitoring agencies.

Modern Efficiencies

The world is changing. Data volumes are massive. Aging WATER data management systems have not kept pace. Dispersed spreadsheets are slow and error prone, while customized solutions are expensive to maintain. AI offers the modern solution to cost-effectively manage your water data.

Better Insight

Our solutions are continuously upgraded to support the latest standards, and technologies with a powerful, easy-to-use set of tools that centralize data management, simplify analysis, automate workflows, share information and ensure regulatory compliance. The result is better insight into your water data in less time.

“With over 400 gaging sites collecting data in all corners of Wyoming, the time savings in records reduction has been well worth the investment. We have realized about a 50% time savings across the board, freeing up valuable limited staff time for other important work.” – Loren Smith, Wyoming State Engineer’s Office

Higher Quality Data

“Since purchasing software from Aquatic Informatics in 2008, we have dramatically increased the accuracy and quality of our stream gaging network statewide. All records are collected and reduced to USGS standards now, which has contributed to a much more reliable data set. By also employing the AQUARIUS WebPortal to serve up near real-time data to our field staff as well as the public, fact-based decisions can be made on the fly with confidence.” – Loren Smith, Wyoming State Engineer’s Office

Data Consistency

“Aquatic Informatics software enabled consistent processes and procedures to be replicated state-wide to manage sampling workflow, collection of field data, and integration of laboratory results. Furthermore, consistency with data management facilitated reporting of drinking water, wastewater, and groundwater data to staff improving efficiency and accuracy in monitoring performance of assets and making water management decisions.” – Donna Hollis, TasWater

Efficiencies & Time Savings

“Historically, three technicians processed environmental data from only 14 stations using basic office spreadsheets. Today, we use Aquatic Informatics software to manage data from more than 100 stations in real-time, not only for stream flow data, but also for soil moisture, temperature, solar radiation, precipitation, and ten more meteorological parameters. Only two technicians are doing this job and we have time to do more in the office and in the field! Outstanding!” – Roberto A. Cerón, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, El Salvador

Modern & Intuitive

“AQUARIUS manages and displays time series faster and easier than any other software I’ve used. We use it to manage over 600 surface water sites, with numerous series recorded at each site. This data is automatically ingested from half a dozen sources, each with a different format and each with a different reporting frequency. AQUARIUS gives us a platform that provides flexibility in the acquisition and centralization of our data needs, and of course, ease of subsequent management.” – Mike Schulz, Goulburn-Murray Water

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Easy to Use

”Aquatic Informatics makes it possible for me to do things with data that otherwise would be impossible. With their software I have all the data right at my fingertips. I never have to prune data or make decisions about which part of the data I should manipulate. They have empowered me to do so much more data exploration than I could have undertaken if I was stuck using Excel. I’m not aware of any other software on the market that does what they do.” – Dr. Susan Libes, Waccamaw Watershed Academy, Coastal Carolina University

Real-Time Insights & Decision Support

“Aquatic Informatics software has allowed us to efficiently update statistical water supply forecasts on a daily basis. Since BC Hydro is largely a hydropower producer, our water supply forecasts are basically our revenue forecasts. We now have a long-term solution that is easy for our team to maintain and support.” – Stephanie Smith, BC Hydro

Streamlined Compliance

“All of our official water records are managed in Aquatic Informatics software to streamline complex regulatory reporting requirements. Using AQUARIUS as our water accounting solution allows the NCPA to build accurate rating curves as well as manage and compute all of our water data in accordance with USGS standards – this is critical as a FERC cooperator interfacing with the USGS.” – Randy Bowersox, Northern California Power Agency

Regulatory Reporting

“Aquatic Informatics helps us meet our regulatory reporting requirements. We can quickly model the pollutant loads in real time, based on the actual continuous flow data, the turbidity and TSS data that we collect. This data that confirms that all our water management efforts are making a difference. We can answer important questions, like are we meeting the goals for our stormwater permit? Are we making progress toward meeting the load allocations? This data that helps us communicate the results of our efforts to taxpayers and policy makers.” – David A. Gilbey, City of Lake Oswego

“Aquatic Informatics software provided the required functionality for the team to develop automated reports for historical and current water system analysis including compliance by parameter. These reports were used in the first TasWater Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, which received outstanding praise from the regulator and senior management team.”– Donna Hollis, TasWater

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