Treatment Plant Toolkit for Facility Optimization

All the insights & inspiration you need to advance your treatment plant's journey towards automated compliance and operations
Treatment Plant Toolkit for Facility Optimization

Discover Efficient, Proactive Monitoring & Compliance

Your treatment plant has likely already discovered that managing utility operations by juggling spreadsheets and notepads has its pitfalls.

Especially when it comes to pulling together monthly reports, troubleshooting errors, answering to unexpected audits, and understanding your system as a whole.

Facilities are collecting more data than ever, but to fully leverage that data, you need a data management solution that can centralize your systems such as SCADA, LIMS, lab data, and field data into a single dashboard for operational transparency and actionable alerts.

To help you navigate through your change management journey & uncover opportunities for minimizing inefficiencies across your utility, we’ve developed a Treatment Plant Toolkit, which includes:

Take a Peek at What You’ll Get:
  • White Paper: The future of utilities’ data management is digital. Discover how treatment plants like yours are transforming data into action and achieving proactive maintenance and compliance by leveraging digital solutions.
  • Rio Product Demo Deck: Discover how cloud software can help ensure compliance, empower remote field work, and automate reporting by centralizing your SCADA, LIMS, field data, and more.
  • Case Study: Hear how Penn Yan, NY Wastewater Treatment Plant went from having to piece together 12 spreadsheets to now having full confidence in their data while automating their monthly NetDMR discharge reports.
  • Brochure: Take a deeper look at the unique advantages offered by Rio, our latest software developed in partnership with Hach. Discover optimized operations and easier regulatory reporting by leveraging the next-generation wastewater solution.
  • Webinar Recordings: Packed with practical insights for adopting new technologies, relevant customer stories, tangible advantages of leveraging modern cloud-solutions in your everyday operations, our on-demand webinars are a must-see


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We are now more predictive – we can avoid some problems and investigate others quickly and easily, so we understand how to fix them in the future.

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