Numbers on a red wall.

Advances in communications and data management technologies have allowed data providers to meet the latent demand for hydrometric data in support of adaptive management of our water resources. Discharge is a derived variable for which considerable care is required to ensure reliable results. The hydrometric data production process has historically been managed on an annual production cycle to ensure that all information relevant to the final...

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Congo River.

High quality data are accurate, timely, meaningful and complete. Fitness-for-purpose is achieved if the stated or implied needs, or expectations, of the end-user of the data are met. The design of a quality management system starts with specification of end-user needs and expectations. These expectations are inter-dependent. Consider the situational irony of the sign stating: “Our data are timely, affordable and accurate – pick any two out...

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Black and White photo of Scientist Collecting Data.

This blog forum is your opportunity to voice your opinions about what can, and should be, done now to build toward a desired future for hydrometric data and water resource decision-making. As a regular contributor I personally invite an interactive exchange of knowledge and promotion of ideas on how to advance the science and practice to hydrometry. With this blog forum, we can identify opportunities...

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