Have You Been Wier’d?


I was recently in South Australia doing some ratings training and learned of a tradition that I think should be shared globally amongst hydrographers.

When a South Australian hydrographer gets a period of record high gauging, they get wier’d.

The wier formula is a bit different from the weir formula you learned in tech school. It is: Q = 0.8 * B + 0.1 * W, where Q is the quantity of wier, B is beer, and W is wine. The beer can be any draught ale or lager but the wine should be a full-bodied red with a Barossa Valley Shiraz being strongly preferred.

The quantity Q should be proportionate to the magnitude of the gauged flow event.

To celebrate a minor event (say a 5-year return period), you could get a bit wier’d but a major event (e.g. a 50-year return event) deserves getting really wier’d.

I am interested in what other traditions are out there that should be shared. Let me know if you have anything that is as good as getting wier’d.

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