Ed Quilty
Ed Quilty

President & CEO

Edward Quilty is the founder of Aquatic Informatics and has worked in the water industry since 1991. Ed started his career working with BC Environment as a water quality specialist before working for the BC Conservation Foundation as an aquatic ecologist, specializing in automated aquatic monitoring, data management, and assessment. In 2000, Ed began a PhD at the University of British Columbia where his work focused on aquatic time-series processing.  Mr. Quilty is a registered professional biologist with the British Columbia College of Applied Biology, is a Director of the Canadian Water Resource Association, and is an active member of the US-based Data Methodology Board.  Ed is also an active member of EO, a global entrepreneur network, and of ACETECH, a technology association focused on rapidly growing British Columbia companies. Ed founded Aquatic Informatics in 2003.

Welcoming Tokay Software to the Aquatic Informatics Team

This week, Aquatic Informatics welcomed Tokay Software to our growing family of digital water solutions, joining recent arrivals Linko and WaterTrax. Read: Aquatic Informatics Expands Municipal Digital Water Portfolio A proven leader in backflow prevention and cross-connection control management, Tokay is a natural extension of our platform. For our team, this partnership represents another critical…

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Irrigation Companies are Modernizing Water Monitoring – Can Better Information Secure Our Future Food Supply?

By 2050, a world population of 9 billion will require 60% more food. The security of our global food supply is highly reliant on adequate water supply. According to the United Nations, “agriculture is the biggest water user, with irrigation accounting for 70% of global water withdrawals.” While the global population is growing, water supply is not. So to meet 2050 food demands, it’s important we learn to better utilize limited water resources for optimal agricultural production. Today’s irrigation districts are being smarter about water use!

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Water Intelligence Success Stories from Australia

In my last post, I announced the winners of the 2016 AQUARIUS Impact Awards. I congratulated Chris Smith, Water Resource Analyst at Murrumbidgee Irrigation for his outstanding achievements with AQUARIUS Time-Series. Today, while I visit our customers in Australia, I’d like to celebrate the country’s very progressive water monitoring practices. In many ways, Australia is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to monitoring water.

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Outlook – Environmental Industry to Continue to Outpace US GDP 2:1

Last week I attended the Environmental Industry Summit XIV in San Diego, California where Grant Ferrier, President and CEO of Environmental Business International Inc., presented EBI’s annual overview of market performance, segment trends and an outlook for 2016 and beyond. The Summit is a great event that brings together industry leaders to network and discuss opportunities for all of us working in the environmental space. The results for 2015 and the outlook for 2016 are very exciting.

New AQUARIUS Certified Integrator Program – Being Truly Global

Aquatic Informatics has been growing rapidly. We doubled in size last year and we now serve over 400 customers in 37 countries. Our Client Services department is proud to offer the best customer support and service in the industry, and we are committed to customer success. However, we also need to meet the needs of our customers who require additional services, such as integrating AQUARIUS Time-Series Server with their existing systems. To provide our customers with a local option, we are excited to add certified partners to our global offering.

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AQUARIUS – Where Smart Water Data Meets the SMART Tunnel

There has been a lot of talk recently about the difference between “smart data” and big data. Big data involves collecting copious amounts of information; smart data involves processing the data collected to create actionable data that empowers decisions. When it comes to water, the Aquatics Informatics AQUARIUS suite is the mission-critical software trusted by…