Dave Gilbey
Dave Gilbey

Water Quality Analyst

The water that is on Earth today is likely to have passed through the hydrological cycle many, many times and probably existed when dinosaurs roamed the planet. I have always been interested in how water connects people, places and things and more specifically, what is “in” water aside from water itself. I have worked in the water quality and water resource industry since 1993. Before joining Aquatic Informatics, I was the Water Quality Program Coordinator at the City of Lake Oswego, Oregon for 8 years where I managed the City’s Stormwater (NPDES-MS4) permit and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) programs for Oswego Lake, the Tualatin and Willamette Rivers. I maintained a network of water quality stations and stormwater monitoring stations as well as multiple databases, including AQUARIUS Server. I authored the City’s Stormwater Monitoring Plan, performed enforcement and illicit discharge investigations, provided education and outreach programs and coordinated activities among multiple City services to comply with the City’s Stormwater permit. I was also responsible for TMDL Water Quality Management Plan activities, monitoring and reporting, as well as connecting this program to the City’s Stormwater Program. Previous to working at the City of Lake Oswego, I was a Natural Resource Specialist with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality where I developed and implemented multiple Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) and Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs) for Rogue, Deschutes, Klamath, Lost, Sprague, Williamson, Wallowa, Imnaha, and Chetco Rivers and for Diamond, Fish, Odell, Blue and Lava Lakes in Oregon. These data collection efforts included the calibration, deployment, auditing and retrieval of hundreds of water quality sensors and datasondes for use in the development of TMDL models. I've worked as a Field Technician for an environmental testing laboratory and volunteered at the water quality laboratory at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL. I hold a Bachelor’s from Indiana University, Bloomington in Geography with minors in biology and chemistry and I am also a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science candidate at Portland State University. I am an active member of the American Water Resources Association, a founding member of the Association of Stormwater and Water Quality Professionals, and have been a board member of the Oregon Chapter of the American Water Resources Association and the Oregon Lake Association. My career has focused on water quality monitoring and data management with an emphasis on connecting regulatory programs, like NPDES and TMDL, to high quality data. My passion is water. I am excited to be part of a team that has a focus on making the process of collecting high quality data more efficient as well as informative.

AQUARIUS Samples Webinar

How to Solve 5 Common Discrete Water Sampling Challenges

It’s with great pleasure that I’m hosting this month’s webinar on February 28th about some of the most common discrete data management challenges. This topic comes up repeatedly in the field of environmental data management. Regardless of the size of your organization, I’m sure some of the challenges that we’re going to outline will resonate with you and your colleagues.

Game Changers – Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Surrounded by hydrologists on a day-to-day basis, I most certainly talk about discharge and rating curves a lot. I find discussions about hydrometrics fascinating (actually I find any discussions about water and data management inspiring, but that is a whole other issue). But alas, I’m a self-professed “Water Quality Nerd” and a Water Quality Professional by trade.

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2014 NWQMC Takeaway – The Industry is Moving to Continuous Monitoring

Day 2 of the National Water Quality Monitoring Conference in Cincinnati, OH was an interesting day of presentations. The rest of the week appears to be just as fascinating. It has been great reconnecting with old peers, making new connections, and listening to the presentations on some very thought-provoking projects. The passion for water resources…

Water monitoring, Hydrology, Water data management software, Rating curve, Stage discharge curve

World Water Week

Water has provided me personally with some of the most amazing experiences of my life. As I sit here in Peru overlooking the ocean on World Water Day I can’t help but reflect on my own relationship with water and the experiences I had. I have always been drawn to water. I have always loved…

Water monitoring, Hydrology, Water data management software, Rating curve, Stage discharge curve

Neil Young & The World Bank – Water vs Energy

The recent uproar over Neil Young’s comments about Alberta’s oilsands development got me thinking about energy and water. Water is used in many of our energy generation methods. Whether it’s hydro power, thermal generation, oil extraction, etc., water is vital to most current energy production methods. That might not be a problem except water is…