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Your hydrologic information systems shouldn't be complex and hard to use. AQUARIUS lets you understand the hydrology hiding within your data by providing powerful tools that are easy to deploy and use.  By allowing you to manage all of your environmental monitoring data in one place, AQUARIUS enables higher data integrity and defensibility, greater confidence in your data and decisions, ongoing open and flexible control of your data and customized reporting and publishing that matches your requirements.

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Hydrology Software, Easy and Efficient to use

Easy and Efficient to Use

Getting high quality time series and field measurement data is hard. Getting it into your measurement management system shouldn’t be. AQUARIUS makes it painless to import, upload, and enter your data.

Rating Curves, USGS, Hydrology Software, Higher Confidence in Streamflow Data

Higher Confidence in Streamflow Data

Building and shifting rating curves can have an enormous impact on your computed streamflow data. Have confidence in your rating curve by using the tools chosen by the world's leading hydrometric monitoring agencies.

Hydrology Sofrtware, Auditable and Defensible Data

Auditable and Defensible Data

If your data is ever put under scrutiny you want to be sure all of your data processing steps are documented. AQUARIUS automatically builds an auditable and defensible data processing, correction, and editing log. 

Hydrology Software, Create the Reports You Want

Create the Reports You Want

Report and publish your data based on a large list of industry standard best practice templates, or customize the templates to match your specific analysis and reporting needs.

Hydrology Software, Available Anytime and Anywhere, Web-Based

Available Anytime and Anywhere

Your environmental monitoring stations aren't in the office, so your data management system shouldn't be keeping you there. AQUARIUS gives you full secure access to your data management system from anywhere at anytime.

Hydrology Software, Track Data Integrity in Real-Time

Track Data Integrity in Real-Time

Enormous pressure is being brought on hydrologists to provide real-time data, often without careful consideration of data quality. AQUARIUS has the tools you need to improve and ensure the quality of your real-time data.

Hydrology Software, Centralized & Optimized Data Management

Centralized & Optimized Data Management

With all the types of data hydrologists handle its not uncommon to find yourself with lab data in Excel, time series in CSV, gauging data in hardware vendor software, and station data in GIS. AQUARIUS lets you manage all of your environmental monitoring data in one place.

Hydrology Software, Never Lose Control of Your Data

Never Lose Control of Your Data

Hydrologic monitoring records are often over 100 years long. Be sure that your data legacy gets stored in a system that's ready for the next 100 years.