Quality Shared is Trust Earned – Communicating Water Data Quality

The OGC WaterML 2.0 standard is an industry game-changer. Now it is easier for hydrometric data producers to make their data accessible for timely decision making and it is easier for data consumers to find relevant data to drive evidence-based decision making. Almost as important as the sharing of data is the sharing of data quality. Let me explain. There are a great many, perfectly valid, ways of measuring almost anything. However, the quality of the different measurements of the same thing will vary as a result of a wide variety of factors. As a thought experiment, imagine you are … Read More

Congo River Segment

Three Great Reasons to Update Your Subscription to Hydrology Corner

Dear Readers, Over the past three years Hydrology Corner has grown from a ground breaking blog on hydrology topics, to a multi-author source for cutting edge news, information, and opinions about hydrological best practices. Today, we are announcing an upgrade to our email subscription services to better serve a growing readership. This new system will offer: Better access to manage your subscription A redesigned look and feel to bring images to your inbox Easier ways to share Hydrology Corner content with people you know. If you haven’t subscribed already now is your chance to sign-up. If you are already subscribed, … Read More

Todd River near Alice Springs - Frank weber

The Other Extreme – Part 2: ‘Nothing’ Matters

In ‘The Other Extreme – Part 1: the Measurement of Absolutely Nothing’ I presented an argument that the difference between ‘exactly zero flow’, and ‘nowhere near enough water to generate flow’ can be important from a water resource management perspective. We rely on discharge data to inform us about water availability. This reliance is based on an assumption that discharge data represents information both about the hydrology upstream of the gauge as well as hydraulic conditions downstream of the gauge. Zero flow marks the point of departure between this assumption and the truth. Now I would like to further expand … Read More

Todd River Boat Race - Frank Weber

The Other Extreme – Part 1: the Measurement of Absolutely Nothing

Most conversations about extreme measurements focus on flood flow. However, I recently had a conversation with Emily Huxter about her thesis research focused on understanding stream ephemerality through the characterization of timing, duration, and spatial distribution of zero flow. Sounds easy so far, after all I used to call these measurements ‘windshield measurements’ because I could do a zero flow measurement without getting out of the truck, sometimes without even stopping. It turns out that zero is both a difficult and important number. Consider a v-notch weir with the water level exactly at the very bottom of the notch. A … Read More


World Water Week

Water has provided me personally with some of the most amazing experiences of my life. As I sit here in Peru overlooking the ocean on World Water Day I can’t help but reflect on my own relationship with water and the experiences I had. I have always been drawn to water. I have always loved being in it and around it and have made my career measuring it, in one way or another. Water has provided me personally with some of the most amazing experiences of my life. I could never have known what water would give me. Unfortunately not … Read More

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