The Weaponization of Water Data

Every change in the expected pattern of variability of water supply and quality poses a threat to the security of the water, food and energy we are dependent on for quality of life. Up until the very recent past conversations about the role of water data tended to be about development of, and management of, our water resources in a way that served environmental sustainability. Water data give us the means to identify the right balance between human and in-stream requirements and the evidence to ensure that such balance is respected. Read More


Shared Data, Complete with Discoverable Provenance, Have Unbounded Value

The extensive discussion triggered by my question about the value of an incremental investment in data quality led to the statement that is the title of this post. This conclusion can be re-stated as a mathematical solution for Potential Value: potential value = (data x quality) ^ sharing. Read More


Too Little, Too Much or in the Wrong Place

The opening plenary at the AWRA 2014 conference by Kathryn Sullivan explained the emerging role for Environmental Intelligence for handling the need to respond to the increasingly fickle nature of water availability and quality. Dr. Sullivan used several recent examples of unprecedented extreme events to make the point that the world’s attention is focused on the nexus of water security, food security and energy security. Read More


Dark Data – Hydrometric Trash on the Hydrologic Landscape

In the modern world, it is rude and inconsiderate to indiscriminately consume resources for one time use. It is not socially acceptable to litter the landscape with trash. It may have taken years of public education for the message to take hold, but the outcome is less pressure on our environment and a higher quality of life for everyone. Why is there a different ethic for hydrometric data? Hydrometric data are acquired for a wide variety of programs and projects, often at public expense. However, after it has served its primary purpose, much of this data is filed away, never … Read More


AQUARIUS WebPortal – A Flash Flooding Emergency Management Success Story

When facing imminent flood dangers, time is of the essence. However, getting the right information to the right people in real-time can be challenging. No one knows this more than the City of Brisbane. Located on the east coast of Australia, Brisbane is a world-class city, enjoyed for its subtropical climate. However, that same climate contributes to various forms of flooding, including from storm surge, large tides, creeks, and the Brisbane River. Read More

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