Bruno's Colleagues

Bruno Tassone’s Invisible Legacy

Stu Hamilton, Vic Neimela, Bruno Tassone, Gord Tofte, and Lynne Campo at Bruno’s Retirement Lunch … this small group has over 178 years of hydrometric program management experience spanning more than half a century. I recently had the pleasure of joining my colleagues, young and old, to congratulate Bruno Tassone on his retirement after 35 years of service to the Water Survey of Canada. Had Bruno been a structural engineer, we would have been able to point to a legacy of concrete and steel. Instead, Bruno’s legacy is concealed and the true value of it will only be revealed gradually … Read More


AQUARIUS Time-Series 3.6 Is Now Available – Featuring Blended Rating Curves!

Over the past year, we have continued to invest in enhancing the AQUARIUS software suite, and we are pleased to announce the release of AQUARIUS Time Series 3.6. AQUARIUS 3.6 includes a number of enhancements, including the addition of blended rating curves and improvements to Hotfolders.


Webinar – Environmental Modelling & Forecasting with Modern Software

As part of our on-going webinar series, I am thrilled to host Jayson Peterson from Entura on June 24th for a discussion on “Environmental Modelling & Forecasting with Modern Software.” Entura is part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest and most experienced renewable energy producer and water manager.


AQUARIUS – Where Smart Water Data Meets the SMART Tunnel

There has been a lot of talk recently about the difference between “smart data” and big data. Big data involves collecting copious amounts of information; smart data involves processing the data collected to create actionable data that empowers decisions. When it comes to water, the Aquatics Informatics AQUARIUS suite is the mission-critical software trusted by hundreds of customers around the world to turn big data into smart data. Let’s travel to Malaysia, where smart data meets the SMART Tunnel. The “Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel” (SMART Tunnel), has been featured in many news stories and television shows such as Extreme Engineering on … Read More

Precision of Data

Hydrometric Grammar – Is Data Singular? Are Datum Plural?

Good stream hydrography requires careful attention to technical detail. We care deeply about the precision of our data. So why would we be tolerant in the precision with which we define data? At issue is matching a verb with the noun. According to Wikipedia, “the word data is the traditional plural form of the now-archaic datum”. From Latin roots, data means “something given,” which implies a fundamental unit granularity. In modern use the word ‘data’ is used as a mass noun, like water, using the singular tense. I am definitely not modern. I don’t have tattoos, body piercings or dependency … Read More

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