Drinking Water

Managing a highly regulated resource such as drinking water requires accurate data, advanced record computation, and sophisticated analysis. With these tools, your team can take decisive action, file regular reports with ease, and save valuable time.


Leading drinking water organizations trust Aquatic Informatics

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The Challenge

Maintaining compliance can be complex. It can result in a missed violation, failed audit, fines, or in the worst case, a disaster. To simplify decisions and processes, you need real-time data, accurate records, and streamlined reporting.

The Solution

Better manage and report on drinking water resources through greater insight. With the world-leading Aquatic Informatics platform you can acquire, process, model and publish high-quality data in less time. Timely, accurate, and defensible reports streamline compliance.

Organize Data for Your System

Link many facilities to one central database. Access to all data for every facility in the organization to review the overall health of all your facilities, gain visibility into corporate level compliance, segment facilities separately, or see all at one corporate view, and configure user access based on facility needs.

Schedule Events Automatically

Never miss a sampling event again. Automated alerts ensure that you know when to sample and notify you of missed events. Remove the manual element of sampling programs, connect sampling schedules to chain of custody forms and labels, and ensure your organization retains knowledge even when staff changes.

Streamline Lab Data and Entry

Make manual lab data entry a thing of the past. Confidently eliminate errors by automating lab data entry. Automate review of lab results against acceptable limits, benefit from access to a network of 100+ laboratory partners, and integrate data from across the organization into one location.

Alert Managers of Exceedances

Know sooner so you can act immediately. With modern software, receive alerts when the system recognizes an exceedance, drill down into the data and metadata to easily view relevant information in one location, and make better decisions to remediate events as they happen.

Access Data Anytime & Anywhere

Improve productivity and eliminate errors by entering data in the field directly from smart devices. Alert stakeholders with results in real time, allowing them to respond immediately to system issues. Save time and money and reduce IT burden with an easily deployed software as a service (SaaS) platform.

Ad Hoc & Regulatory Reports

Compliance and reporting is what we do. Easily define which data to include in reports and save the criteria as a template for easy reproduction. Built-in regulatory report templates allow for automated reports with a click of a button. Export thousands of historical records in seconds.

Watertrax Enables South Bend Utilities to Improve Data Management, Accessibility & Visualization.

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With WaterTrax, the City of Ottawa reduces administrative burden and ensures data integrity.

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Watertrax Brings Automation and Efficiency to a Complicated Sampling Program.

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At the City of Ottawa, we’re always looking to aim higher and to continue to improve. Using our monthly reports in WaterTrax, we can keep an eye on lead, disinfectant byproduct, and pH levels, among others, which helps us ensure good water quality for our customers. We also use WaterTrax to look at our data on a daily basis and analyze trends over time to optimize our treatment process and achieve financial savings.

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Gwyn Norman
Water Quality Data Analyst
City Of Ottawa


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