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Water availability challenges are increasing with population. Leverage water balanced models to help your team appropriately allocate water resources, all while minimizing impact on our natural environment.

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Leading environmental organizations trust Aquatic Informatics

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The Challenge

Limited water resources leads to competing demand. Decision makers need consistent, timely, reliable information to solve these critical water resource challenges.

The Solution

The integrated, transparent, and equitable use of water starts with information. With Aquatic Informatics, you gain accurate, timely, and reliable water data that provide the insights you need to manage water resources and see the social, environmental, and economic benefits.

Connect to Sensors in Real Time

Get reliable, secure online access to water information anytime, anywhere. With this software, you can centrally manage all monitoring network locations, keep users informed in the office and the field, integrate data acquisition systems and external databases, and automate continuous data importing.

Visualize Data & Historical Records

Quickly visualize, scan, and QA/QC your data. Keep permanent records of original data, visualize gauging measurements, outliers and trends instantly, track data quality with flags and quality grades, compare raw and corrected data on a single chart, and defend and retrace data with an automatic audit log.

Correct Errors & Ratings Curves

Build the best rating curves. Automate error detection and corrections, easily build stage discharge rating models, automatically apply rating models, shift or blend curves when conditions change, and use the same rating curve tool as major agencies, such as NIWA, USGS, DEW, and WSC.

Calculate Derived Data Instantly

Calculate derived data in real time. Run rating curves, calculate aggregates, and fill gaps. Publish calculated derived data in seconds. Build sophisticated multi-input time series models. Derive statistics from time series, visualize all types of data, including meteorological data, and view raw and corrected data on a single chart.

Scale to Meet Your Needs

Suitable for one user – or an entire nation. Choose a scalable standards-based architecture, centralize and integrate all of your environmental data and monitoring network locations. Control workflows, approvals, and access. Keep your data secure, and provide only authorized users with access to the right data.

Share Info with Stakeholders

Right data, right people, right time. Draw actionable insight at a glance with customizable dashboards to guide decisions. Publish your data in real time, generate reports in seconds, automate alerts online, by email, or SMS. Provide adaptive management based on events as well as health and safety alerts for all stakeholders.

Derek Forsbloom shares how Water Survey of Canada systematically corrects continuous water data from 2,500 gauging stations. Learn how to elevate the quality of your hydrometric data in real-time.

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“We have improved the accuracy of our records, which is critical. Creating a reproducible, archiveable, dependable record – and being able to reduce and publish that record to USGS standards, which is the standard for us – that’s the big plus!”

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Discover how the State of Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) modernized their water monitoring program. Learn how innovation and modern technologies have enabled the OWRB Water Quality Programs Division to meet the challenges of real-time water data acquisition and management.

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The majority of our continuous environmental data is managed in AQUARIUS. Our data is quality assured and we have it all at our fingertips. Now there’s a centralized factual hub that people can go to for that collected information. The modern user interface makes it easy for hydrologists and non-specialists alike to securely access the environmental information they need to make better resource management decisions.

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