Gallatin Tennessee Utilizes WaterTrax to Consolidate All Data into a Centralized Database

WaterTrax Improves Data Management, Trend Analysis, Water Quality Visualization, and Customer Complaints

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Consolidate and manage all water and wastewater data in one system

Improve efficiencies in trend analysis and complaint management

View historical data in the mapping module to understand trends

Save time on manual data review

Streamline time-consuming state audits

Allow a fuller understanding of the entire system through the visual display of data with mapping

“As regulations have become more stringent over time, WaterTrax simplifies compliance. Operators key in the information and that data allows me to see trends immediately with everything I need at my fingertips.”
– Bennie Baggett, Manager, Water Treatment Plant, Gallatin, TN

About Gallatin, Tennessee

Gallatin is located outside of Nashville in Sumner County, Tennessee. The water treatment plant has over 15,000 customers that it services, running over 13,000 water quality tests from over 60 sampling locations located throughout the region.

The Challenge

Gallatin Public Utilities wanted to upgrade their internal data management processes. Previously, they had developed an in house Excel spreadsheet to store data from their flushing program. This, however did not allow them to create reports or display data in a spatial view. Laboratory reports were received and then filed away in filing cabinets around the plant, only to be retrieved during audits. Because of this, visits from the state auditors brought on unnecessary anxiety, hoping that everything would be in order and that they would be able to locate the required files.

“The Mapping Module allows us to see a trend that points out zones where issues are occurring that we previously weren’t able to identify.” - Bennie Baggett, Manager, Water Treatment Plant, Gallatin, TN

The Solution: WaterTrax

Gallatin needed a solution that was flexible enough to incorporate data from both their water and wastewater systems including assistance with their industrial pretreatment program. They chose the WaterTrax Data Management Suite including the Sampling Planner, Mapping Module and the Complaint Management Suite.

“I chose WaterTrax to get all of this information into one central, easily available location,” explains Mr. Baggett. “As more and more data is entered into WaterTrax, including historical data, my understanding of the water system becomes clearer.” Bennie uses the mapping tool on a daily basis to provide a clear picture of what is happening in the water system – especially with the management of disinfection byproducts and chlorine residual. He is able to view historical data in the mapping module to understand trends – something he never quite got a full understanding of without WaterTrax. “Previously it was hard to see if you had a problem when it was just on a piece of paper,” states Bennie. “Now, it is available at the touch of a button in the WaterTrax database.”

The Benefits

As a new user to WaterTrax, Bennie can already see how it has brought benefits to his organization. WaterTrax has saved Gallatin Public Utilities a lot of time with the efficient data management tools that are available. Gallatin has chosen to utilize all of the additional modules which have provided endless benefits where the team has been able to improve efficiencies in their data management, trend analysis and complaint management. The organization has saved time when it comes to manual review of data, has alleviated the time-consuming process of the state audits and has allowed them to have a fuller understanding of the entire system through the visual display of data in the mapping feature. “I am here to serve the customer,” explains Bennie, “if a customer calls with an issue, you have to respond quickly.” WaterTrax allows him to quickly view historical data and the history of complaints in a particular area, allowing him to zone in on the specific issue at hand to determine the best solution quickly to alleviate the customers concerns.


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