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Automated Operations: Overcome Workforce & Skill Gaps

How 3 treatment facilities are successfully leveraging reporting & compliance software to overcome workforce challenges.
Automated Operations: Overcome Workforce & Skill Gaps

Bridge the Gap & Empower your Workforce

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 30% of the water industry’s workforce will be retiring in the next 10 years, triggering the loss of institutional knowledge, skills, and experience. This shift can impact the performance and reliability of systems and processes that are critical to public health and the environment.

The urgency to adopt and integrate modern tools to address the changing workforce has never been stronger. Workforce changes are inevitable, but losing historical processes and data can be prevented.

Learn how to retain processes, historical data, and generations of industry knowledge while also attracting a new pool of tech-savvy talent.

This webinar will draw on the successes of small-scale treatment plants in Kilgore, TX and Penn Yan, NY; along with wastewater treatment innovator Renewal Water Resources (ReWa). You will discover how to proactively safeguard knowledge and experience by integrating your LIMS, SCADA, and daily rounds into a single system.

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  1. Why adopting modern technology can improve operational efficiency, overcome succession planning, and make the industry more attractive to a younger workforce.
  2. How consolidating data empowers knowledge transfer, collaboration, and remote work to reduce the burden of change management.
  3. Practical ways having historical data at your fingertips can provide a baseline for new and existing workers to make more informed and proactive decisions.

View to begin your journey of bridging the gap & empowering your workforce with automated processes, simplified reporting, and actionable insights.

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