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Harnessing Data for Water Management: A Regional Council’s Innovative Approach 

Harnessing Data for Water Management: A Regional Council’s Innovative Approach 


The Otago Regional Council (ORC) has accumulated an enormous amount of water data from over 250 monitoring sites, spanning over 80 years. 

As their monitoring program matured, they’ve pushed for new ways to provide value for compliance staff and residents with their extensive historical and real-time data. 

Recently they published a new public portal through Aquarius that provides at-a-glance insights to vital water information including flood event warnings, consent variables, and water quality parameters like E-Coli.  

Join Susan Wells, lead of environmental monitoring for Otago Regional Council, and Nicole Nally from Aquatic Informatics, to learn about how centralizing data for faster analysis created a continuous stream of environmental intelligence to better protect the region’s citizens and water systems. 

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  1. Why modern technology is critical for the sustainable management of our natural resources. 
  2. How contextualized data empowers deeper analysis, forecasting, and accountability. 
  3. Ways software has extended the value of their monitoring program to benefit the agriculture, regulators, utilities, academics, and residents in the region. 

Discover how Aquarius software enhanced their efforts by making their historical data accessible and digestible. ORC can now provide even greater value with their monitoring program by ensuring public safety and responsible water management.  


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