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AQUARIUS WebPortal is an elegant solution for delivering real-time online access to quality assured environmental data and services. Impress stakeholders with custom dashboards, rich statistics, intuitive maps, alerts, and live reports – empowering them to make better decisions anywhere.

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Gain Insights at a Glance with Customizable Dashboards

Configurable dashboards provide a live snapshot of environmental conditions – like current water or air quality states, flooding locations, rainfall statistics, or rising reservoir levels – making it easy to zero-in on the most critical data. Powerful widgets can display both AQUARIUS WebPortal and external data. Visually rich dashboards can include charts, grids, meters, webcams, YouTube videos, and Twitter timelines for a compelling view of environmental indicators.

Computer Monitor and Iphone Displaying WebPortal Dashboard Data.
Tablet Displaying a River with Cliffs at the Edge, Iphone Displaying Calm Stream with Stones.

Provide Interactive Online Access to Real-Time Data

Stakeholders get on-demand access to quality-assured data, real-time statistics, and continuously derived computations. An interactive map allows you to zoom into the desired area, pinpoint a location, and popup a full list of calculated statistics. You select the desired parameter (like rainfall) and statistic for primary display. Colour codes provide a visual display of hydrologic and water quality conditions.

Impress with Maps, Data Grids & Charts

The modern graphical interface allows you to quickly visualize water data through maps (ESRI, Satellite Imagery, and OpenStreetMaps), data grids, and charts. Contextual information is displayed. Charts can be used to overlay multiple series of data, including different types of data, such as lines, columns, and points. Heat maps provide colourful displays of statistical data like rainfall and air temperatures across geographic areas. By providing a highly visual and interactive environment, AQUARIUS WebPortal speeds analysis and supports better decisions.

Tablet and Iphones Displaying Maps with Heat Data Collection Points, Menu, and Graph.

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Laptop Displaying Scientists in a Boat on a River, Tablet Displaying Scientist in Stream Taking Measurements.

Keep Users Informed – In the Office & In the Field

AQUARIUS WebPortal is designed to keep your office and mobile workers informed while in the field. Full support for HTML5 and Javascript delivers an interactive web experience using a wide range of popular browsers (including IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) while running on different operating systems. A responsive design optimizes the mobile experience on tablets – AQUARIUS WebPortal adapts to the size of any screen.

Automate Alerts Online & by Email or SMS

Online alerts and automatic warnings sent by email or Short Message Service (SMS) warn the right people of unusual conditions. Administrative users define single- or multi-state alert triggers. When conditions are met, alert messages are sent to a predefined group of stakeholders. Trigger intervals can be set to send updates during ongoing events. When conditions normalize, a message is sent to inform recipients that the alert state has ceased.

Laptop Displaying Graph with Various Flood Risk Levels, Iphone Displaying Situational Rainfall Report.
Laptop Displaying Dry Aerial City View, Tablet Displaying Flooded Aerial View.

Give Rich Access to Historical Data & Statistics

Exploring historical data and derived computations is intuitive. You can easily see one day to a year’s worth of data. Setting data filters, ordering, and selecting date ranges helps quickly find the required information. Data can be summarized on a daily or monthly basis, with aggregating statistics.

Offer Exporting, Info Requests & Reporting

AQUARIUS WebPortal allows stakeholders to extract and save the information they need. With one click, environmental data can be exported to Microsoft® Excel, Adobe® PDF or CSV from any chart or data grid. Reports are also available in Adobe® PDF format with one click. Information requests can be used to display real-time reports or request information via email or Short Message Service (SMS) when working remotely.

Tablet Displaying Phones, Coffee Cups and Papers.
Iphone Displaying Globe with Lines Denoting Connection with the Rest of the World.

Control Administrative Functions & Access Rights

Administrative controls include user access permissions and security roles, so the right information can be made accessible to the right stakeholders. The Audit Logs track all actions performed in the system. Configuration options mean AQUARIUS WebPortal can be customized to meet your business and branding requirements.

Leverage AQUARIUS Time-Series & AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA

AQUARIUS WebPortal delivers the most intuitive web-based interface for sharing real-time data managed in AQUARIUS Time-Series. It also integrates seamlessly with AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA to calculate and display live statistics.

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