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AQUARIUS Forecast is modern software for advanced environmental modelling, delivering higher accuracy, speed, and a decisive edge. Simpler workflows make it easier to build sophisticated models of complex water resource systems. AQUARIUS Forecast is your vital decision support tool.

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Build Complex Models Easily

AQUARIUS Forecast provides an interactive graphical environment for assembling models using a rich set of building blocks and analytical functions. Links represent channels, conduits, or river reaches. Nodes represent connecting points for locations or branches within river systems. Rule scripts define how Links and Nodes operate at each time step. A model time step can be specified from any fixed interval down to a resolution of 1 second. It includes special cases for monthly and yearly time steps. Start and finish times can be specified using either standard notation (for a specific fixed period) or using the flexibility of a relative date/time format for real-time operations where the model period is defined relative to the current time.

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Tablets Displaying Roadways/Bridges Crossing Rivers.

Save Time & Connect Time Series

Build models efficiently by using, adapting, and extending the set of elements and functions supplied. The Model Library elements are “transparent” so you can see exactly how they work. Easily copy and adapt any Library element, saving it as a new element type. Create your own library elements based on new or alternative algorithms (e.g. routing, rainfall-runoff, reservoir operations, etc.) to build models that embody your business logic. AQUARIUS Forecast is the most contemporary solution for building models with time series inputs and outputs. Build a complete river network of Nodes and Links and simply connect any time series data source at the required points. Data is automatically converted to the required model time step. Various input data (historical, real-time, and forecast data) can be used to support your analysis and forecasting needs.

Customize, Test, & Refine Your Models

Simpler workflows make it easier to build complex models with confidence. Use the flexible SupaScript scripting language to fully customize simulations. The intuitive script editor helps you refine the model logic. AQUARIUS Forecast gives you the power to run simulations for alternative scenarios to support better decisions that optimize the use of limited water resources. A simple click runs models for full defined periods. Any errors are identified in a clickable list, making them easy to find and fix. AQUARIUS Forecast is designed to run safely in 24×7 operations. It logs errors, such as arithmetic script errors, while completing processes normally.

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Visualize Trend Data in Charts & Grids

AQUARIUS Forecast provides a highly intuitive graphical environment, displaying trend data in charts and grids. You can quickly visualize the results of your models and forecasts, facilitating fast analysis and effective decisions. Various windows can be arranged in tabbed views or docked on a single screen. Floating windows allow you to move freely between computer monitors. You gain access to the exact information needed to manage multiple models.

Leverage the AQUARIUS Time-Series Software Suite

AQUARIUS Forecast is a powerful solution that integrates seamlessly with the entire AQUARIUS software suite. Real-time data acquired with AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA can be stored and corrected in AQUARIUS Time-Series and then processed in AQUARIUS Forecast to generate timely and precise forecasts. Models can be configured to directly read input data from AQUARIUS Time-Series and to write any modeled or predicted data back automatically. Results can be published online in real-time for internal and external stakeholders using AQUARIUS WebPortal.

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