Lead Input Form

Use this form to add people to the Aquatic Informatics database.

Use this form to add leads to the AQI database.

Use cases include:
  • Event & conference leads for fast action & comments
  • Interested Leads from Hach or OttHydromet referrals
  • Sales prospecting efforts

Complete the required fields with reliable data (marked with red *)

Below is an explanation of key field terms:

  • Source of the Lead: Where the Lead came from
  • Name: Lead’s name and last name. Used to create Lead profile.
  • Company: Organization your Lead works for (please spell out acronyms)
  • Title: Lead’s formal job title
  • Product Interest: Assumption based on pain-points and goals
  • Assignee: If you know who to direct this Lead to, pick an AQI Sales Rep here to assign and alert them
  • Phone number: Primary business phone to reach the Lead
  • Email address: Primary business email to reach the Lead
  • Industry: Select the best-fit Industry
  • Applications: Domain of water and wastewater this person operates in
  • Comments: Free text notes to detail history of the Lead, conversations and meetings, or any additional context about the Lead