A photo of Dave Gibley in Peru for World Water Day.

World Water Week

Water has provided me personally with some of the most amazing experiences of my life.

As I sit here in Peru overlooking the ocean on World Water Day I can’t help but reflect on my own relationship with water and the experiences I had. I have always been drawn to water. I have always loved being in it and around it and have made my career measuring it, in one way or another. Water has provided me personally with some of the most amazing experiences of my life. I could never have known what water would give me.

Unfortunately not everyone’s experiences with water have been as fortunate as mine. In many places people don’t have access to clean, fresh water and many times have to travel long distances to get any water at all. Water is a necessity of life but can also cause sickness and death. This is something that has to change. Access to clean, fresh water is a necessity for any healthy community.

The bright side of this is that there are many dedicated people around the world trying to remedy this situation.

I have had the pleasure over the last nine months of interacting with a wide range of these water professionals and learned so much and had my horizons broaden beyond what I could have ever expected by these people that monitor, treat, manage, educate and protect the world’s water. I was also introduced to a whole new set of water professionals. These are my co-workers at Aquatic Informatics. These are the programmers, project managers, user experience, quality assurance, support, marketing, administration, researchers and everyone else that contributes to the company. The people that work here are dedicated and care about water as much as anyone I have worked with. I count myself lucky to work with such great people.

Your work makes a difference.

I want to thank everyone wherever you are and whether you are in the boat, the boardroom or the server room for your contribution to the protection and responsible use of water world-wide. Your work makes a difference.

You don’t have to wait for World Water Day to reflect on your own relationship with water and how it has affected your life. My hope is someday everyone’s life will be positively influenced by water but until that day let’s keep working towards that goal!

Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2014,


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