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4 Key Water Data Management Milestones

An exploration of four key water data management milestones to ensure the sustainability of our most valuable resource.
4 Key Water Data Management Milestones


Cape Town’s near miss of “Day Zero” and Flint, Michigan’s water quality crisis are not one-off incidents. If left unaddressed, our global water challenges may pose a bigger threat to humanity than any pandemic.

Modern water challenges begin, in part, from a lack of visibility into our water data. Many water organizations and government agencies today are dealing with disparate legacy systems and data silos which can hinder progress.

Watch this webinar for a brief introduction to the four transformative milestones organizations encounter on the journey from data to knowledge, and ultimately better decision-making from those insights. James will break down each milestone, explore common challenges, and share practical solutions you can apply at your organization.

What You Will Learn

  1. Best Practices from Real Organizations
    Learn from organizations that are harnessing the power of their water data and gaining the insights required to secure our most valuable resource for generations to come.
  2. New Innovations in Data Management
    Discover existing technologies that can help automate data collection, examine data alongside other sources, and—most importantly—connect the dots to uncover real insights.
  3. Water Data Management Milestones
    Become familiar with the four data management milestones that organizations should strive towards to gain a true understanding of their water management systems and the cause & effect of different activity.

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Your Webinar Host

James Reyes
James Reyes
Vice President

Aquatic Informatics

James has been helping government organizations adopt technology and digital solutions for over 18 years, and currently leads the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams at Aquatic Informatics.